Conversations with Ex Bf’s at 2am

I’m sure this will be only Part one of a series. Stay tuned, folks. This was a few weeks ago, BTW….Isaved it as a draft and forgot about it 😀
Horacian7: Hey Deena
me: hey, what’s up?
Horacian7: Not much, just relaxing. How are you?
me: working on my site, right now
start school tomorrow
Horacian7: Oh okay. WHat school are you going toi?
me: KCC
Horacian7: Nohting wrong with that
me: nope
did you graduate yet?
Horacian7: I have to write a paper to handle an incomplete & I get my degree this june
me: oh, ok
good luck [nose tongue]
Horacian7: Thanks
I missed you. When are we going to hang out again?
me: aww, did you really?
Horacian7: Yes & I haven’t seen you for the longest
me: I know, I know
why did you miss me, exactly?
Horacian7: I remember our kiss and the sly look in your eyes
I just had fun
me: sly look, eh?
is that the only reason why you missed me?
did you say anything?
my internet cut out for a bit
Horacian7: My old feelings for you always seem to come up whenever I see you
me: why is that, I wonder
Horacian7: which is weird since we’ve known each other for almost a decade
me: maybe because I look way better than I used to
lol, I know…
Horacian7: Maybe, but you were always cute to me
even before you came out of your shell
me: awww, aren’t you full of flattery tonight?
what do you mean by that?
Horacian7: by what exactly?
me: my “coming out of my shell”?
Horacian7: I remember you being a lot more shy
I knew you when you were still a virgin, even
me: hmm, I guess I can agree with that
that wasn’t too too long ago
Horacian7: uh huh lol
Full of flattery, as if I never put a move on you
me: that is besides the point
you’re not always so lavish with the compliments
Sent at 1:55 AM on Tuesday
Horacian7: Would you rather I stop?
Sent at 1:56 AM on Tuesday
me: I don’t mind
who doesn’t need a bit of flattery now and again?
Horacian7: jesus
people with low self-esteem
Oh, that was rhetorical
me: lol
I don’t have esteem as low as I used to
Sent at 1:59 AM on Tuesday
Horacian7: WHat I wouldn’t give for one more evening with you
me: one more evening to do what?
we never did anything
Horacian7: Everything haven’t gotten to do
We had flings on & off for years & I regretted never having the privacy to spend an evening with you
Sent at 2:02 AM on Tuesday
me: what is your definition of a fling?
Horacian7: Romances occuring without the restraints of concrete commitments.
Sent at 2:05 AM on Tuesday
me: I find that to be hurtful…
I actually loved you at one point, you know
Horacian7: and I did too– but we were never as steady as we should have been
and I still felt many traces of that when I last saw you
I felt I should have been your first
me: woulda, coulda, shoulda
Horacian7: Well, what could I do?
me: I suppose it’s pointless to talk about it now…
Horacian7: I can only focus on now. What happened when I was a teenager wont really make much of a difference
Sent at 2:11 AM on Tuesday
Horacian7: still have a crush on you. still want to jump you whenever I see you in the flesh or in photo
Sent at 2:12 AM on Tuesday
me: so that raises a question: Is it because we never did anything that you want me so bad?
Horacian7: I’ve always wanted you. The fact that we never did anything just brings about a feeling of regret
me: why regret? If you really wanted it, you could have had it.
Horacian7: When? When I was younger, we had no place to go & now that I’m older, you always have something going on
If it were up to me, we’d be spending at least a night, either here or out of town
Sent at 2:16 AM on Tuesday
Horacian7: I’ve been wanting to finally get to know you that way, since we’ve gotten to know each other in so many others
Sent at 2:18 AM on Tuesday
me: why did you IM me tonight?
Horacian7: because I have bad intentions for you and I want you to have them for me
because I want a feeling of completion for what we once had
because you didn’t happen to have your away message on or sign off as soon as I signed on
me: LOL, you think I;m avoiding you? Hardly.
I use AIM through Gmail, so it messes up a lot
Horacian7: Maybe not, but I hardly get the opportunity
Sent at 2:23 AM on Tuesday
me: true enough
Sent at 2:24 AM on Tuesday
Horacian7: I don’t know if you would still want to see me
me: why not?
I never said that
Sent at 2:26 AM on Tuesday
me: did you say anything? I got cut off again
Horacian7: I said would you be free any time soon
me: I’m free on fridays, for now
Horacian7: This friday?
me: No, not this friday
it;’s my sister’s 18th bday
I’m taking her out with some friends
Horacian7: Oh okay
so I guess that’s not good
me: yeah…my baby’s all grown up [frown]
Horacian7: no other day this week?
me: I go to school mon-thurs
night classes mixed with day classes
tomorrow I’ll be in school about 12 hours
Horacian7: lol wow
me: from 10:20 am- 10:10 pm
four classes, spaced out
Horacian7: okay
me: *sigh*
I want to get out, this is what I have to do
Horacian7: No way you could spend the night & go to class the next day?
evil thoughts, i know
me: lol, no
Horacian7: lol aw but I want to get into your luscious pants
me: did I not tell you I was engaged?
flattery will get you nowhere, sir
Horacian7: oh [nose sad]
me: you forgot?
Horacian7: yeh
me: you asked me about it
saw it on facebook
Horacian7: today?
me: no, the last time we spoke
Horacian7: must have been a while ago
Zack, right?
me: yep
Horacian7: oh, that so sucks
me: you can’t always get what you want, you know
Horacian7: Yeah, but we should always strive for the best we can have
Sent at 2:37 AM on Tuesday
me: ahh, what a golden tongue you have, Sir Vic
Horacian7: I can’t help it that I read quite a bit
Sent at 2:39 AM on Tuesday


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