Ah, Kingsborough, How I Hate Thee and Love Thee in the Same Breath…

Well, the last two days have been interesting.

I had my HPE (health and physical education) class yesterday. It’s once a week, at three hours a sitting.

But who cares, you ask. What happened?

I ended up in the wrong health class—again.

I wouldn’t have gone to a counselor,m but I promised my friend Scott (who works in the student center) that I would go to an adviser and what not.

Big mistake.

Long story short, last semester they put me in COH 12 instead of HPE 12.

They did it again. I didn;’t realize it, and I even asked the fucking lady TWICE if it was the class I needed.

She said yes.

It wasn’t.

I get to the supposed class, and I am talking to some of the people there, and they’re like, this is an elective.

I turn cold.

This isn’t the required Health class??!??

These chicks in the back laughed as the lady next tome told me it was community health.

Son of a bitch, I’m screwed…

Asd I ran out of the room and downstairs…luckily it was still early, and I happened to be in the same building as my friend Scott, so he and his boss helped me get the right class. Luckily (again!) the replacement class was at the exact same time and day.


I was ecstatic. I got the printout of my new schedule, and ran off to class.

I’ll tell more later…I am on the phone, and I have my math class in like a half hour….plus I got some cool new yarn I started knitting with that I want to finish starting out 🙂

It’s gorgeous; I’ll try and take a picture either during or after the scarf is done 🙂


Thanks for the love <3

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