I Need a Muse…

I need a Muse.

I’ve had some muses in the past (some have made me very prolific, others I squeezed out a poem or two for)….

There have been two significant Muses in my life…both of whom touched me deeply (and touched me in places that would make you blush….but I digress) and left me raw, naked, and vulnerable….perfect fodder for good poems, so to speak.

So to them, I have to say thank you.

I might not have appreciated they ways you fucked me over, made me happy, and left me completely miserable and dejected then, but I sure as hell do now.

You’ve helped make me the way I am, and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

But I need a new muse….hopefully one that won’t fuck me over 🙂

My whatever-you-want-to-call-him-now has been no inspiration whatsoever.

In fact, I always seem to write less when I’m with him. When we first broke up, I wrote all the time. before I met him, same thing. I don;t get it, but I think I kind of do.

He’s just so uninspiring,  and shows no apparent interest not only in my writing, but in almost anything I’m interested in. They say opposites attract, but Jesus…we have nothing to talk about besides Family Guy, South Park, and other banal Pop Culture trappings.


I need a muse…..I need to be inspired.

Thanks for the love <3

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