Knitting Project: Wool/Silk Hat

This is the hat I started on 3/1/08. This is it in the beginning:

photo-0001.jpg photo-0002.jpg photo-0003.jpg

I’m almost done with it now, so I’ll take more pictures tomorrow 🙂

These were taken with my camera phone…’cause my camera’s broken and disposed of 😦

I used a pair of #10 circular needles to make the hat. I got the yarn on eBay from a seller in China…. I got it pretty fast, the yarn is exqusite (the pictures don’t do it justice, I swear! It’s soft, fluffy, sparkle-ly (how do ya pluralize that?!?), and warm. It’s 85% wool, 10% silk and 5% sparkles. It’s a multicolored yarn–it has purple, a cream-ish color, and orange…sounds wild, but the color is subtle, yet bold at the same time. (I love multicolored yarn!)

As a matter of fact, I loved it so much, I ordered more in three other color variations 🙂

Keep an eye out; more pictures of the hat (and other projects with my yummy soon-to-be-here new yarn) to come!


Thanks for the love <3

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