Some People are So Desperate for Attention…..

I can’t believe this chick actually went through the trouble of stalking me on the internet.

Long story short, Zack had this chick who he used to hang out with (according to her they were more than that). She claims he got her preggo, and she has stalked me on Myspace, along with all of my friends and family. I got her number, called her private and cursed her out, blocked her, but the bitch was persistent.

Apparently, she Googled my username and found me here (how do I know? I get a detailed list of where people are getting this URL from. One today was a search for “Deelicious Discordia”, which is also my name on Myspace).

Here are her comments, her email address, and her IP address.

Maybe someone’ll stalk her…but probably not (ewww).

First comment:

Did you ever think maybe he ran down there to run away from the girl who is having his baby, because he has no spine and is liar. And come August he will be paying child support for HIS kid.

Mar 8, 9:52 AM

NA | | | IP:

Maybe the problem with Zack is that he is a liar, because we did have sex and guess what I really am having his baby, and he can lie and deny all he wants, but when the kid is born and DNA test is done, everyone will know what a low life jerk Zack really is, and he’ll be paying to help raise his baby.

Mar 8, 9:56 AM

NA | | | IP:

Now, just so you know, I do not want Zack back, all I want is for him to own up to his responsiblities, I did not get pregnant all by myself, and I refuse to raise ZACK’S KID all by myself. He will help me.

*sob, sob*

Even if it were true, what does this have to do with me? Nothing. I sure as hell didn’t sleep with you.

Silly girl! You should have used a proxy. Now I know exactly where you live, and have your phone number too 🙂

I don’t take kindly to being harassed.

I warned you.

Have a nice day!


Thanks for the love <3

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