A Long Day….and the MetroCard Fare Hike

I’m off to bed. Oh…it’s 3am….fucking Daylight Savings Time…lost a whole hour of sleep…or in my case, a whole hour of lurking on the computer or playing Phoenix Wright (love that new game…lots of drama….).

I am pissed off about the Metrocard fare hikes. They didn’t raise the base price of the cards, but they changed several things:

  1. The Unlimited rides: The unlimited rides were raised exponentially. The monthly was raised from $76 to $81…which is a big deal when you’re broke. At the rate it’s risen, you can pay-per-ride, and still break about even, if you only use your card 5x a week.
  2. The Pay-Per-Ride: Now, when you bought a regular Metrocard (with just $10, for example) you got a 20% bonus (meaning instead of buying a $10 card and getting only $10, you’d get a $12 card…it went on and on from there). NOW you only get a 15% bouns, which makes it kinda weird. Tonight, I bought a $10 card and got $11.50….I’ll let that soak in a moment. The base fare is $2 per ride. How many rides would I get out of a card with $11.50??!??


Now I have to put an extra $.50 on the fucking card to get that last fare.

Oh, and more whining from our fave PITA. This is really getting old, now.


Goodnight, and Good Luck!


One thought on “A Long Day….and the MetroCard Fare Hike

  1. NA says:

    last comment from me, I don’t have a damn thing against you either, how ever there was no need to call my cell phone and be a nasty bitch, (btw i have a new number) just because Zack basically cheated on you, that was not my fault, because I didn’t know a thing about you, until he told me you were his ex who was stalking him and that’s why he made a new myspace page, and you know what, you do not evening fucking know me, ok, Zack was the first person I have slept with in years and before that was my boyfriend who i was with for 3 years, so don’t tell me to keep my legs shut especially not when you were the one talking about just wanting a bouty call every now and then, and i’m not trying to harrass you or anyone else, if you want to blame someone blame Zack cause all he has to do is pick up a phone and call me, before he left, he swore to me that he was going to take of his baby and me, well I don’t need him to take care of me, but he sure all hell needs to take care of his kid, that is all I want, and I did not google you, there is a link on your myspace page, that lead me hear, I never meant to cause any trouble with you, I swear all I ever wanted was for Zack to do what he said he was going to and help me take care of his kid. BTW I don’t live in Ontario. And you know what, I don’t know you either, so here’s the deal, this is my last comment, I won’t bother you anymore, promise, but let Zack know that come august child services will find him, I suppose I can wait til then to get him to own up. Besides I’m tired of fighting with people, working 2 jobs and being pregnant is draining, and like I said I didn’t want to start shit with you anyway, I was just trying to get to Zack, that’s all. You seemed at first like someone who might be willing to be civil about the whole thing, but I was wrong, I let my temper and anger at Zack lash out at you, it wasn’t meant for you, it was meant for him, you just have no idea the stress of becoming a single mom can bring, so all I ask in closing is that you please not let your anger at whomever lash out at me.


Thanks for the love <3

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