And the Ball Keeps on Rolling….

Silly rabbit…tricks are for kids.

But in Kiley’s case, she’s just a trick 🙂

Thanks for the readership, doll.

Sad sad girl.

I appreciate all the comments:


NA | | | IP:

stupid nigger, librarys have computers too

Mar 8, 5:53 PM

NA | | | IP:

ps, not really my e-mail or my ip, librarys have computers to now a days

Mar 8, 5:44 PM

NA | | | IP:

like i give a shit if you know where live nigger, cause guess what I know every cop and state troppper in this town and if you try and fuck with me, you’ll be sorry, and I only commented on your page because Zack has taken to ignoring me


How can I reply to such ignorance?

If you must insult me, at least use proper grammer, punctuation, and spelling. I find that I’m more insulted at your sorry excuse for a written response (AKA your comments) than I am at what (I think?) you’re trying to say.

Grow up, shut your legs, and go back to high school…that’s all I have to say to you, my dear. I know you live in Ontario, NY (hicksville) but you can at least act like a normal human being….or is your inbreeding getting in the way?

You’ll get no more spotlights on my blog. As hilarious as I find your pathetic attempts at insulting me, I have better things to do.

Oh, you’ll find you’re blocked from sending me messages…as will be any IP address even remotely similar.

Take care doll…and stop fucking your daddy….if you even know who he is 🙂

Oh, BTW, her Myspace address is:

so feel free to spam her all you want everyone….let her know how it feels on the other side of the fence. She messages me again, and her phone number is going up on every single CL in America, swear to Sweet Goddess Eris.


Thanks for the love <3

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