Theives, Tomfoolery, and Testing (My Patience)

…Yesterday, I mean.

I was too tired/lazy to write about what happened, but here it goes.

I went to work yesterday.

Now, it happened to be really busy this particular Sunday (as there was 4 shows going on…way more than usual). I got mobbed with buyers at one point…I literally had people shoving money and credit cards in my face to buy my merch. So after the frenzy died down, something told me to look at the Detailed Item sales and count the inventory (I wanted to see ow many I sold).

I was missing a book.


Never since I’ve started working there has anything like this happen… I even went down to the basement to look at the inventory sheet to see what the count was when I started my shift.

Nope; there was a book missing…

So I look around the counter, and ask my co-worker Lorraine.


I was upset….but Lorraine told me it was pretty crowded, and there was nothing I could have done about it and not to worry.

Hell, I was worried they might want to take it out my pay…the book was $14, which is about an hour and 10 minutes worth of pay *gulp*.

So I emailed him when  I got home, and he wrote e back today…said he heard about the gaggle of people and wasn’t surprised that a book walked off. He even thanked me for tellling him, and informed me of my pending check on Thursday.

Still, I feel terrible.

So that was that.

OK, so after that happened, Zack calls me. Something told me to answer the phone (usually, he’ll call and I reject it or let it go to voicemail).

Me: What do you want?

Him: You mother wanted me to ask you if you wanted me to drop some food off for you.

I was broke and hungry, so….

Him:  Your mom also asked me if I could stay and wait for you to get out of–

Me: [cuts him off] No. You can drop off the food, but you can’t stay.

Him: Why can’t I stay?

Me: Because, no. Like I said, you can drop off the food and leave.

Him: Oh, why are you treating me like a burden [starts ranting]

Me: [cuts him off] Look, if you’;re going to act like this, just forget it. I’ll just eat when I get home–


Mother fucker hung up on me.

I was seething, but I call my mom.

I asked her if she asked him to wait for me, and she says no (she knows I ain’t talking to him, see) and asked me why? I told her what happened, and she insisted she just ASKED if he was going to, but didn’t request him too.

And all the while I’m on the phone with her, he’s trying to call back.

I get off the phone and call him.

Me: who the fuck do you think you are, hanging up on me??!?? [and I;m at work, mind you. In the middle of the damn lobby, no less]

Him: Oh, well why do you have to treat me—

Me: [cuts him off] No, I didn’t ask you that. What the hell does that have to do with what I asked you? Nothing. You had no legitimate reason for hanging up. I wasn’t yelling, screaming, or being belligerent, so why? You know what? Whatever.


So I hung up on him. Ha ha, I thought.

So a little while later, I was outside smoking with a chick from my job. As we’re conversing, I see him coming up the block in the corner of my eye. I continue to talk, and he passes me with a bag and goes in my job. He comes back out a minute later, and stands a little ways off as I finish my conversation. The chick leaves, and then he starts. I won’t break down the conversation, but it ended with me bitching him out for harassing me and him not being considerate enough to respect my request for some space and time to think. He threatened to cause a scene, but I brushed it off and went inside. I told him not to say a WORD to me when I got home, or else.

He said he found a room to rent. I told him good, and goodbye.

So I get home, and he didn’t say a word to me.

Better not have.

So that was yesterday. Today…I;ll write about it later…I have a date with my mom and sis to watch Flavor of Love ❤


Thanks for the love <3

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