And Thus Starts the Winter of My Discontent….

…or something like that.

I have so much to say, but where to start?

Let’s see:

  1. Got my lip pierced on Monday (forgot to mention that!). It didn’t hurt at all; after getting my nose pierced, all else pales in comparison. I want to get the other side done eventually, and my two tragus (tragui? Is there a plural to that???), maybe my bridge, and my nipples….I am afraid of the pain of that one……and maybe some other places that I’ll leave to your imagination. Plus I want more tatts. So (according to my mom) I’ll look like more of a freak. Like the McCommercial said, “I’m lovin’ it!”
  2. I finished making my coil pot in ceramics (I don’t think I mentioned I was making one from the get-go. But now you know, and now it’s done 🙂 I made a little piggy bank, but his legs came out weird, and he kind of totters. Plus, it’s more for decorative purposes…it’s too small to function as a real piggy bank, and besides, I didn’t put a hole on the bottom, so you’d have to break him to get the money…and I bust my ass making that damn pig. Plus I promised I’d give it to my sister (random? Oh yeah!)
  3. I have a crush on someone 🙂 It’s a guy in my City Politics class. It’s weird….it’s not like that Ethan crush I had (have), this is totally different. He likes to be called Moose; Moosey, I call him. He’s awesome–we have so much in common, it’s quite scary. We both love System (and other music), Japanese food/junk/music/movies/cartoons/comics, we both like the same kinds of video games, he likes to read, he’s well read and intelligent, articulate, funny, sweet….but here’s the kicker: he’s 2 and a half years younger than me(!)……and he’s black (!!)….and a virgin(!!!) and I think he likes me (!!!!). Long story? Definitely; But like I told him today, everything in my life is a long story….sad, but true…
  4. I still have Zack harassing me, but that is nothing new…my mom is tired of him and can’t wait until the end of next month….and neither can I.

While on the topic of him, Anna said something the other day that I had been thinking for a while: maybe he really DID knock that chick up. And pity for him if he did….she’s already dragged his name in the mud as far as his family’s concerned…but not even that, she’ll get him for probably half his paychecks…and would serve him right.

As far as I’m concerned, we’re over and done with.

There was a second chance given, but I’d be a real dumb ass to give him a third. I am just so tired of him….to be brutally honest to myself, I think the only reason I even got back with him was because I thought I could never find someone who loved me as much as he did/does…and that even though I didn’t love him as much as he loved me, I could get by on that alright.


Well, you live and you learn…..right?

Here’s to other fish in the sea….


Thanks for the love <3

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