I Know, It’s Been Awhile….

But I haven’t felt like writing?

No, no…more like there has been so much going on, I didn’t know WHERE to start writing.

Let’s backtrack for a little bit:

The weekend past, I only worked Saturday matinée because my boss didn’t order enough books in time. I TOLD him (both in email and by phone) that we needed more books.  So I left early….then later that night, he calls me and leaves a message, saying he’d been sick, and that he had ordered some books, and they MIGHT be at his desk.

So I figured, what the hell? He doesn’t sound definite, so I’d be damned if I go in and there’s no books, so I stayed home the rest of the weekend.

Then, I had my yoga class Monday (which is going well, I think. They have me stretching and bending like I never imagined I would. Woof! What a workout!)

My class week was a short one this week. There was no school yesterday (yay!) and I skipped class on Wednesday (bad girl! OooooH!).

I got an Overdraft fee from the bank, so I’ll be broke until next week 😦 (Goddamn eBay…..*sniffle* I ordered something for my sister, and I expected the payment to go through on Wednesday, but it went through a day earlier than I expected. Fucking Wachovia. When I have enough money to cover shit, it always goes through on time. But when I don’t? They make SURE that it goes through early. Is that right? Is that fair? How the fuck do they do it? I guess I’ll never know…..)

Umm, I made Ash a Great hat. I’ll take a picture of it later…and I still need to post the picture of the other hat [I know, I know].

Oh yeah, I broke up with Zach.

Yes, he was crying and blubbering….I expected no less. I really don’t feel like getting into it, but it was quite awkward, as you can only imagine.


And that brings us full circle to today, I think.

There was my week in a nutshell 🙂

Oh, it would seem I have to make a new store (again)….. the one I had seems to be acting up, so I’ll have to make (yet) another one, which is just as well, because I didn’t care for it, anyway.

Wish me luck?


Thanks for the love <3

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