Oh! Some Quick and Random Things….and I Get Violated too

I caught up with Top Chef, which is one of the few shows I bother to watch TV for. This season is in Chicago, and it is fabulous…the usual good food, crazy people, and drama (that’s on Mondays). Also, Flavor of Love is worth watching, just for the crazy ‘hoes and all of their *shudder* encounters with Flav. I don’t get that show at all. All lof these young [mostly] pretty women can do waaaaay better than that….where (and/or what?) is the appeal here??!?

I hope to Goddess it’s the money and exposure; I honestly cannot imagine it can be his dashing good looks *barf*

Oh! Almost forgot:

A few days ago, I was getting on the bus to school

Now, I have to take a train to a bus to get to KCC. The peasants usually crowd around and like to push.

So anyway, I was waiting with my friend Moose to get on the bus, and out of nowhere a whole crowd of people come as the bus pulls up and started pushing. There is some guy behind me who is literally grinding into me! So I say sarcastically, can you get any closer? And the person laughs…I couldn’t even turn around to see who it was…it was soooo crowded. And as people start piling on the bus, he starts pushing harder…and the motherfucker was hard.

I felt so violated, I tell you.

I finally get on the bus…the whole fucking time, he was laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world.



Thanks for the love <3

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