When it’s Over, it’s Over…and That’s That.

And that;s what I should have learned the first time around.

It was a big mistake to take him back, but I guess I had to learn that the hard way…..and now I have to live with this grimy motherfucker for another few weeks.

And he has the nerve to want to be friends with me? I think not. I ain’t falling for that old trick anymore, that’s for sure!

Even my mom is tired of him….she bumped up the deadline for him to leave (thank the Goddess! I can have my room back!!!) because he’s being grimy. He gives her a paltry $30/week. She’s mad that he doesn’t give me any money, which I don’t min, but she feels as though he owes me for being here, and that he should at least offer to buy me a Metrocard or something…which makes sense, I suppose).

Then, there was an incident on Friday.

Arrgh, I’ll write more later. Trying to fix my website right now, which I think is a little more important 🙂


Thanks for the love <3

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