This is Why You Dont Give People Second Chances…

So I forgot to get back to what I was writing? Sue me…you won’t get much.

So he goes out on friday night and didn’t say what time he was coming back. About 1am, my mom starts getting annoyed. She is really weird about people coming in the house late, and plus what the fuck? It’s her house and he could have told us he was coming in late so we wouldn’t have to wait up or whatever.

She called him, and he did’t pick up his phone.

My mom told me to call and tell him he better stay with whoever he was with ’cause she didn’t want him coming in her house that late. So I left a v-mail with the message about 1:30am.

My mom locked up the door and forbade us to let him in until the morning.

He called at almost two in the morning saying he was leaving wherever he was at…and I didn’t bother to pick up.

I fall asleep….Then he calls me like almost 7am talking about his friend stood him up and he had to sleep at his job, and that he was in front the apartment. I found that highly amusing, so I thought I’d let him sweat a little. But then his job called, saying he was supposed to work, so I got up and let him in (don’t want him to lose his job, you know. That way he has no kind of excuse to stay longer). He was on the phone in the hallway, and then he sqw me open the door and started tearing up and trying to explain. I rolled my eyes, let him in, and went back to bed.

THEN we had a showdown on Sunday.

Now, in light of what happened Friday, my mom, Ash, and I had a pow wow about the whole situation on saturday. She decided she wants him to leave earlier than the end of April, so she hatched a plan to tell him that my uncle had had brain surgery (he really did) and he needs a place to stay and recuperate (he doesn’t), so he needs to be out by the 18th of April.

She told me (sunday) she told him and he had said that he already had plans to leave by the 4th (his birthday). So I raised a brow at that one. I highly doubted he had a plan of any sort, and I said as much. So she told me to lurk in Ash’s room while she got a clear answer out of him. He then changed what he originally said, and mumbled something about calling someone. My mom then asked for a clear answer in two weeks.


It gets better.


Sorry to keep y’all in suspense, but I have to go to class. I’ll write on my break later (maybe? Yes! I [attempted] my math homework last night 🙂 )


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