Spirited Away…

Always makes me cry. I love this movie so much….it may be a cartoon about a little girl, but it’s so touching the things she does for those she loves. To see her literally mature from the beginning to the end of the movie is satisfying.

I know I haven’t wrote in forever, but it’s all the same old Zack bullshit, and I’m so sick of it.

In other news, eBay is making me broke…I won more yarn and a phone I plan to resell (LOL). I also won some real jade jewelry from China…can’t wait to get it!

Oh, I fiiiinally got my Bamboo needles I won on eBay…..they were practically a steal! I got 14 pairs of regular knitting needles plus 10 pairs of DPNs for…..

Wait for it….

$30! (that includes S+H).

Best. Deal. Ever.

Just look up bamboo needles on the net, and see the prices….I got pretty much all the needles I’ll need (sans the quick knit bigger needle sizes, which I plan to buy eventually) at a fraction of what I would have paid for them otherwise. Just imagine, I bought three pairs of aluminum needles, plus a set of DPNs AND a circular needle and they all set me back about $30.

I’m loving it 🙂

Oh, I also started working on a project this weekend!

I’m working on this with my own personal twist (I hate following patterns, but when I do, I like to experiment and make up shit as I go along…they usually come out nice, so why the hell not??). I started the bag this weekend, and I’m almost done…have one more piece to finish, then the sewing and the handle. I really enjoy working with the recycled silk yarn….very interesting. I got compliments all day about how beautiful the yarn was 🙂 I will try and remember to take pictures before I put it together. I also have to upload the3 pix of the wool/silk hat I posted about a few weeks ago (I’ve since made another one LOL).

I want to try and finish at least a project a week.

I think I can do it.

With all the lovely yarn I have (and have coming) I will be knitting away happily 🙂

This is what I’m expecting:

Yarn #1

Yarn #2 

Yarn #3 

Yarn #4 


(I’m going to be broke this week)

I’m thinking to make a hat to match the bag…I don’t think I want to sell this one. I’ll keep it. I rather like it 🙂 I can always make another one (I have enough to make one more bag and maybe a hat or something) because I have the feeling that people are going to ask where I bought it….this is why I am bidding on a Kg of RSY on eBay as we speak (yes, I;ll be broke for a while…’til tax time and refund checks from school. My job finishes soon, and I should be worried about saving. But I can’t help myself…*sniffle*)

OK, I’m off to bed. Have my Poli Sci class in the morning, and my yoga class too 🙂


Thanks for the love <3

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