An Update for the Nosy….

‘Cause I know nosy bitches want to know.

Zack is still here.

My mom gave him until the 11th to leave, and so we wait. But as usual, he has one story after another. First he was supposed to leave by his birthday, then he didn’t know when, then he’s leaving (this) Monday. Now he told me he knows some lady at his job that has a room available….

It’s always something.

He’s been trying to be friendly, but I’m too suspicious.

He tried buying me candy the other day…I politely returned them. He tries to talk to me like nothing ever happened, and I just shoot him down.

Friday was his birthday. I was polite and told him happy birthday, but he seemed to have some attitude (nothing new). He was hounding me to check the mail because he was expecting an envelope. Ash and I went out, and when we got home, he wasn’t here.

Apparently, he went out for his birthday, and then was going to go to work afterwards or something.


I got up this morning and he was sleeping, so I guess he snaked his way home this morning.

Jesus, I can’t wait to get my room back.

And speaking of which…

Yesterday he was hounding me for his duffel bag, which I told his was under the bed, but he insisted it wasn’t. He said there was a blue on and a black one, and that he couldn’t find his. When he showed me the two bags, the very same one he was looking for was the blue one. He insisted his was black. I told him flatly that that one was his, and gave him a funny look.

He then proceeded to say, “well you can have your drawer back now,” to which I replied, “gee thanks,” all sarcastic and whatnot.

As I walked away, he yelled, “Yeah, from what your mom says, you’re happy to get it back. [to which I didn’t spare a response] Thank you Deena…thank you for a lot of things” (said with a load of sarcasm, of course).

To which I ignored and walked away from.


As I count the days until he leaves….


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