The Little Flower of East Orange

…is an awesome play, and I highly recommend it!

It’s directed by Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I see him around my job quite often; he’s a smoker, that one. He’s out in front the theatre before, during intermission, and after every show smoking a cig or two. He even has one of his actors smoking in the play 🙂

I saw it yesterday with my sister. I got comp tickets from my boss; he saw it on Sunday and was raving about it. He loved it so much he insisted I see it, and asked when I was free (during the week, of course) to go see it. as I’m only free Fridays, he got me tickets for then.

The play is about a washed up rehab reject and his familial relationships, particularly with his mom. He narrated the whole play, and at first, it was in flashbacks, but the story came full circle at the end.

The cast was awesome; very good actors, I must say. It was sort of confusing (with the flashbacks and all) but I got the hang of it before intermission.

The actors are all so nice too! I always see them come and go when I work, but I never knew who they were until I saw the play. I saw a few of them today before and after the matinée showing, and I told them how much I enjoyed the play, and they were very happy. Before the evening show, I saw them again, and they waved at me before they went inside 🙂

I’m not a star chaser or anything, but it’s nice to have someone smile and wave at you. And it’s not like I asked for their autographs.

It;s going on through the end of the month, so if you’re in the NYC area, I suggest you go see it (get rush tix…otherwise they’re $50 a pop).


Thanks for the love <3

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