…And So Goes the Last Day at My Job…

I loved my job. It will sorely be missed.

A moment of silence for my job, please….


OK. So then I have to pick up my last check on Friday, and then….and then.


I’ll have to start looking for something else soon, I suppose. I can live off the fat of the land (aka my tax return) only for so long. By the looks of it, my job position for the summer is iffy, so I will need to look for something else really soon…..

I’m hanging out next saturday with some peeps, and then I’ll be at my mother’s mercy Sunday, then weekend after I’ll be in Philly with my BFF 🙂

And so goes my life.

Burning questions:

Will Deena be re-hired by her job for the summer?

Will Zack continue to harass her after he finally leaves?

Will she get in trouble with her job for losing the security key??? *gulp*

Will she finally get her website up and going?

Will she ever make a profitable return on all of the damn yarn she bought???

Will her bank stop being grimy and relent on overdraft fees??? (not likely.)

Will she drop that stupid Health class that she thinks is a waste of time and if not a required class she would have never taken in the first place???

Will she have time to go to the Met for her Art 31 paper??? Will she write up a draft for her Poli Sci paper???!???

Will she stop talking in the third person??!???

OK, I think that’s enough.

Gotta go obey Lord Gorlock now (dishes must be washed and all that shit)



2 thoughts on “…And So Goes the Last Day at My Job…

Thanks for the love <3

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