Are People Bitter in Pennsylvania?

Are People Bitter in Pennsylvania? « On The Scene «

LOL Anna is gonna love this one, especially since it’s coming from Fox.

Do YOU think people are bitter there?

Tsk tsk…Obama doesn’t stand a chance in PA now, does he? It has been a tight race up until this…and he wanted to bitch out Hilary for not releasing her taxes and then the whole sniper incident? At least she didn’t personally offend people.

What is wrong with the world today?

Personally, I think anyone living in a big city is more bitter on average, but I guess that might just be me 🙂


13 thoughts on “Are People Bitter in Pennsylvania?

  1. Col. Nathan Jessup says:

    This is Obama’s “mucacca” moment…your right, he’s toast.

    Imagine McCain explaining ghetto blacks clinging to gangster rap, unwed pregnancy, unemployment and welfare checks because white racism “made” them bitter?

    Teflon BO? We’ll see.


  2. Deelicious Discordia says:

    You know what? You’re absolutely right about that. Such is the double standard in American Racial politics, huh?

    But yes, you’re right. He’s done for. If not (if by some small chance he DOES win the nomination) I have some serious re-thinking to do about voting in National elections….


  3. Annamarya says:

    If people would bothered to read the whole quote (not you Deena of Col. Nathan Jessup). The problem isn’t that he called small town folks “bitter,” but the fact that he was so condescending about it. And not only that, he has this image in his head that small town folks are ignorant country bumpkins. Is this what he thinks about the people supporting him?

    He is as ignorant and judgmental as those people he claims are bitter.

    Hell, and Deena you could attest to this, I know big city folks who are arrogant, close-minded assholes. What the fuck Obama? Could your foot be any further in your mouth?


  4. eshowoman says:

    He sounded condescending, SO WHAT????? Rural and small town America is dying. There are few jobs, little opportunity and poor public schools The meth epidemic along with the accompany increase in crime, is decimating communities. So either you can stay offended or admit that the years since the Reagan revolution has not been good for millions of white Americans ioo!


  5. Deelicious Discordia says:

    Now, I think that eshowoman is missing the point here. Him being condescending is a major issue. What you have said holds water, but there is a right way to say something, and a wrong way.

    He definitely chose the wrong way.

    If you, I, or any Joe Schmoe would have said that, no one would have cared.


    (big but)

    this is a presidential contender. He should be a little more, how shall we say, diplomatic in his approach. I sure as hell wouldn’t vote for someone who wouldn’t respect me, or who considered me beneath him…what’s the point?

    So I say Poo on Obama for how he said what he said.


  6. Annamarya says:

    I know what’s happening to rural and small town America, eshowoman. What I also know is not everyone from rural and small town America is judgmental, close-minded, rude and bigoted. And that’s what’s wrong with Obama’s statement. Obama is just like those people he says are “bitter.” He is just as judgmental, close-minded, rude and bigoted as them to ASSUME that EVERYONE from a small and rural town is like that. And you know what, like I’ve said, I know a lot of people who are like that from big cities and they have their 50K a year job. Do I? No. Am I from a small town? No. Is it easier getting a job in a big city? No. And am I anything Obama says a bitter person is? NO!

    Let’s face it – Obama is just like Bush. If Bush was to say what Obama said, EVERYONE WOULD BE ON HIS CASE (deservingly). But Obama said it and we’re suppose to back off? Obama keeps close ties to his reverend and seeks his guidance. That’s considered okay. Obama has the nerve to have “faith” as one of his political platforms for this campaign. Faith should in NO WAY be a part of the government. Bush does that with Billy Graham. Bush talks about how “God” told him to invade Iraq. He goes on how about how devouted to Christianity he is and he’s considered a religious fanatic (reasonably). What makes Obama different?


    And by the way, Obama hasn’t spoken to local LGBTQ presses in about 4 years. An agent of change? I think not.


  7. eshowoman says:

    Annamarya –
    My blog entry was about the idea that poor whites are bitter. I did not write about the second part of his comment. It is interesting to observe that the end of the statement about anti -iimmigration feelings and ethnic intolerance has not been questioned by the press. I will not go into the multitudinous times I have experienced all of what he said in rural Southern Illinois. The life experiences of African Americans are often seen by the mainstream as invalid. So there is little point in discussing it.

    Obama=Bush WTF????
    Obama favors civil unions and constitutional protections for these marriages.
    He supports the woman’s right to choose
    He wants repeal racist and classist drug legislation.
    He wants to repair the public school system and rid it of school funding inequities.
    Bush and his cronies don’t support any of these platform items. I will that people would go to Obamas web site and real his campaign platform.

    I also agree that religion has no place in government, but you have of to blame Ronald Regan for that.

    I think that you will hear his commitment to constitutional rights for the LGBTQ communities, if he is the democratic nominee. He has not been at a lot of black events either. Despite the fact that the black community can be incredibly sexist and homophobic, African American like James Baldwin, Audra Lourde, Marlon Riggs were defiantly black and gay.

    Deelicious Discordia
    Of course a black woman like me has NEVER been condescended to and told to suck it up.
    Here is a sample:
    You talk so well!
    Could you tell the class the black opinion on this topic?
    Gee, affirmative action actually found a student that keep up! That was supposed to a complement.
    You are from New Yorker, isn’t the New York Times a liberal, Jewish newspaper?
    You are from a Jamaican background? No wonder you your grades are better than African Americans.
    You are from the Bronx, where is your gun?
    You are a single black women with NO children?
    Obama will have a problem with whites in western Pennsylvania – Gov.Ed Rendel.
    Obama is where he is because he is black – Geraldine Ferraro
    Blacks will never vote for Barack the Magic Negro !! – Rush Limbaugh
    I could go on forever. African Americans deal with condescending remarks everyday. It is such a everyday experience that it is fodder for jokes.


  8. Annamarya says:

    Yes, YOU have experienced it numerous times BUT that doesn’t mean EVERYONE is like that and that is my point.

    By the way, he has no commitment to the constitutional rights of LGBTQ people for the mere fact HE HAS SAID HE DOES NOT SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE because of HIS RELIGION. How am I, how is anyone, in their right mind going to support someone who still continues to keep the rights away from LGBTQ people because of his MAN-MADE religion? Because HIS CHRISTIANITY says it isn’t right? Is this still keeping religion in the White House? Or are we going to ignore this simply because his rhetoric is so appealing to the masses? I don’t want a president, Clinton or Obama, who is only going to give me 2/3. It’s all or nothing. That’s it.

    I am not voting for words and all it is now, from Obama and Clinton, are words and I have faith in neither of them.


  9. Annamarya says:

    And here, from the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life:

    “Obama says that he believes “marriage is between a man and a woman” but he wrote in The Audacity of Hope that he remains “open to the possibility that my unwillingness to support gay marriage is misguided … I may have been infected with society’s prejudices and predilections and attributed them to God.” He supports granting civil unions for gay couples and opposed a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. In March 2007, Obama initially dodged questions about the morality of homosexuality. He later went on to say on national television that he did not believe homosexuals are immoral.”

    He remains “open to the possibility”???? What BS is that? No. I want to know that you are going to pass it. Just like Clinton, he is playing both sides. He’ll give them civil unions but their right to marriage? Nope. He can’t do it because HE DOESN’T BELIEVE IN IT.

    If you can’t see he is playing both sides, then I feel sorry for you.


  10. eshowoman says:

    He made a commitment to civil unions in an early debate, it is also on his web site. Would you rather elect a 71 year triple cancer survivor who will no doubt have a evangelical running mate, or Obama/Clinton? Civil Unions or someone in the white house who see you as evil? This country is still open to the possibility that I am actually human so you have company.

    There are still be people in the world who do not think I should be able to check into the same hotel as they do, but they cannot stop me because it is one of the only civil right that is actually enforceable. African Americans had to wait centuries to get this far, we also paved the way for all the other groups that came after us, including after the Stonewall riots.

    As a black woman in America, I will hear more ignorant garbage than you can imagine, everyday. I hate playing the “who hurts more” lottery, but you just dismissed my experience with one sentence and went on to feel sorry for me. Can’t you see that you are being just as patronizing as you think he was..


  11. Annamarya says:

    When did this become something about black and white? This post and this conversation were never about skin color but rather about a man who is using fancy rhetoric to incite a nation of people yet does not have the experience or the tact to run the country and is in fact a hypocrite (re: GLBTQ marriage & religion). Granted, so is Clinton. Nevertheless, you, eshowoman, are turning this post into something it’s not and never was. Did you ever stop to think that the problem with race in the campaign is not caused by the color of Obama’s skin but rather how focused everyone is on it? And by the way, he’s not just black. He is also white. And he is not just African. He is Scottish, English and Cherokee as well. He is multi-racial and multi-ethnic, which is a beautiful thing that should be celebrated and that is what he should focus on – the fact that he and all other multi-ethnic people of America are the product of Dr. King’s dream and you know what? That’s the America I want to live in.


  12. Deelicious Discordia says:

    OK, first of all..

    You madam are blowing this way out of proportion.

    You’re one of the people who are making this whole campaign about race.

    I don’t know if you know this or not, but I am Black Hispanic. I stress this, because you’re making it seem like YOU’RE the only one who has experienced discrimination of any sort.

    And who’s to say that white people don’t either? As you so graciously mentioned a while back, poor whites get shitted on all the time, You think their middle/upper middle/rich counterparts care about them?? NO.

    They are the niggers of their race.

    That’s right, I went there.

    Besides the point, but I love my tangents.

    This whole thing started as a jab at Obama, and you have spun it into something entirely different.

    As for the whole McCain thing, you obviously didn’t catch the sarcasm there; I live in NY, and whether or not I WOULD vote for him wouldn’t make a difference anyway; NY is traditionally Democratic when voting in the National election. I don’t care for McCain much either, but at least he is a bit more honest and we know what to expect from him.

    Obama? He’s more flippy than a worn pair of Havanas on Spring Break.


    Why SHOULD I vote for him? I myself am multi-ethnic, and I don’t find him at all appealing. He’s so caught up in trying to get the black vote, he has totally neglected the other parts of himself. Sure, you see white people at all his rallies and so forth, but that’s because they have MONEY. Sure, the blacks are supporting him, but they haven’t exactly been supporting him financially.

    And what about that crazy, America hating Rev. of his that has been talking out of his ass, making worse comments than Malcolm X ever made about white people??

    Where was Obama during the Civil Rights movement?? Sure, he might have been too young to have been there, but….


    Hawaii is a totally different experience than growing up in America’s Mainland.

    Besides all of that, he grew up with the white part of his family, became “rebellious”, changed his name and his faith, then came to the mainland.

    Talk about flip-flopping.

    It’s a sad day in America when the whole Dem race comes down to genetics, and I am so sick of it.

    Really, I am.


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