Obama? I’ll Pass, Thank You.

Obama is a hot mess.

My whole point (pertaining to my “Is Pennsylvania Bitter?” blog) is if you’re a person running for public office, you should watch what you say. I am all for honesty, but people in general don’t take kindly to hearing things like that. It seemed to me at the debate the other day, he was tripped up and fumbling. The Repubs and Hil are having a field day over this issue, and for good reason.

You want to know something else? If Hillary had said that about blacks, I bet all the blacks would have been upset. You can say otherwise, but I know the truth. I live in the ghetto, so I think I can say that with a measure of assurance.

Obama is a slimy creep with very shady affiliations, and I wouldn’t vote for him to save my life. If he wins the Dem nomination, I will vote for McCain (not that it really matters, as NY is traditionally Democrat. But it’s more of a personal thing).

He claims to be a liberal, but I have my doubts. My friend has oh so graciously gone into some of the reasons why (see last blog), so I feel no need to have to explain any further.

But it’s mostly his religious affiliation that bothers me. I believe in the separation of church and state….Obama claims to be liberal, but I bet if he got into the White House, it would be a while different ballgame. No bowling in the White House?? Why the hell not?? And all of the things his so called ex pastor said? Hmmm.

He (as most politicians) talk the good talk. His oration is amazing, I’ll give him that.

But he’s virtually unknown; a newcomer to the national arena of politics.

I don’t trust him.

The reason why he’s so popular is because he’s black. I don’t buy into that. The whole Dem race was (is) a race of genetics, and it’s sickening. I don’t care for Hillary much either, to be honest, but it’s picking the lesser of two evils.

Besides, I’m a woman, and we ARE one of the last countries in the free world to have a female leader.

Obama? Give him some more time in the realm of politics and who knows? Maybe he might be worth something after all.



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