The Latest in the Zack Saga…

…and Hopefully the END of it.

Boy, I go on vacation for a week, and try to get back into my normal routine, and there’s always some shit.

I haven’t written, I know.

Not that there hasn’t been stuff going on, just general laziness.

Anyway! To the biz at hand.

As you may or may not know, my ex was living with my family and I up until last month.

He left some stuff behind (and left the room a mess, the fuck). He also had some mail piling up, so I called to let him know he had some shit at my house,and if he didn’t come get it, it would be thrown away.

That’s when the cat-and-mouse started.

First he told me he didn’t care what happened to the stuff, then my mom called him and he said he would come pick it up, then he calls me and says he doesn’t care about the stuff, just the mail, then he tells my mom he’ll come get the stuff and doesn’t show up until two weeks later.


But there’s more.

Apparently, he had been going through some hard times for a bit.

My mom tried calling him the week I left to Philly to come get his stuff, but his phone was cut off. Wachovia (his [ex?] bank) had been calling MY cell asking for him….and they only call when you overdraw your account.

But whatever. I didn’t and don’t care about that.

So he comes on Tuesday to get his stuff.

The night before he came, Ash writes a nasty letter and sticks it amongst his shit.

So on the way home Tuesday, I get the following email on my Dash:

Zachary Keller to me Apr 29 (5 days ago)

Nice job having your sister write a hate letter. I love the fact that she showed her true colors by showing how much of a uptight conservative she is judging people when she has problems of her own. You can also let her know it is actually great that I am living out here. I got 2 jobs now and I am living very well right now. Don’t bother writing back to me. I just want you to know, that little stunt was very uncalled for. If you guys were trying to make me feel bad about how I live or how I look, it did not work. All it showed me was that you guys judge people too much. How does it feel being the bigot sister’s?

P.S. Thanx for the reality check. I am greatful for what your mother did, if you do not believe me. That is your fucking problem. You still owe me $80.00. I will send for it soon. G.F.Y.

So I’m like, “what the fuck….?”

I call my mom and tell her about the email. I showed her when I got home, and she was upset at the fact he cursed at me, and called Ash names.

I was pissed off….

Because I supposedly owed him $80?

Fuck that.

I wrote this in response (on my Dash on the way home):

Deena White to Zachary Apr 29 (5 days ago)

LOL I owe YOU 80?

First of all, the money was used to pay my phone bill that YOU ran up…so I don’t owe you shit. Add to that the money my mom gave you to get your license, the food you ate while living with us, plus the total REAL cost of the room you lived in, and (even with your supposed two jobs) you couldn’t pay back in a year…so you call shove that 80 up your ass.

While you’re at it, go fuck yourself with something hard and sandpapery.

you’re an ungrateful motherfucker, and I am so glad I dropped you like a hot rock. you’re pathetic. It is truly nice to see all of your true colors out at last!

As for the letter, Ash wrote that of her own free will. I simply laughed when she told me about it. I can only imagine the look on your sorry face when you read it.

How did it feel being owned via letter? Must have felt nice πŸ™‚

Please refrain from emailing and/or calling me. I won’t hesitate to get a restraning order on you–and this time I am serious as death.

Have a nice life loser.


So I haven’t heard head nor tail from him since.

But…I have been getting strange numbers from upstate calling me. But I never pick up, of course :). I assumed it was some of his family or something.


But then… out of the blue today, something told me to email Kiley (remember that chick? If not, then search the blog).

So I email her this:


Just wanted to know how you were holding up.

If you need anything at all, like someone to talk to and what have you please don;t hesitate to get in contact with me.

Here’s Zach’s number, if you want it:


and you didn’t get it from me.

Keep in touch and let me know what’s going on. I will do all in my power to help you get what you and the baby deserve.


She sends the most intriguing reply:

Thank you, I appreciate it. Zack actually wrote to me though, he was all apologetic and shit. He actually had the nerve to ask me if I want me and the baby to move in with him. I basically told him that it’s never going to happen, and that all I needed from him was help taking care of his kid. He’s been being all nice and “help full” and shit, I think he must think that if he shows me that he can be there for the baby I’ll take him back. Guess I’ll have to wait and see if he still sticks around once he realizes that I’m never taking him back.
Anyway, thank you again for your support.


Isn’t that some shit??

I sincerely hope she doesn’t take him back.

he is a slimy, no good bastard…..I cannot even formulate the expletives necessary to describe him.

Tried to use me to run away from his baby momma drama??

Mother fucking cunt (literally. ha ha.)


That’s it. I’m done speaking of It. Next time I do….will be because of something really juicy I hear about him or something πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “The Latest in the Zack Saga…

  1. NA says:

    I just gotta say, I love the Zack bashing, you made my day, thank you πŸ™‚ And just as an update, he yelled at me for calling him before 9 at night because he has to pay for it, and I told him that babies don’t wait for free nights and weekends, and if he’d like to pay all my doctor’s bills and buy all the stuff for the baby, I’ll pay his overage charges instead, made him shut up quick.


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