I Need a Job (And Other Assorted Things)


I need a job!!!

I also need to stop playing The Sims 2 and do some work for school….but that’s not gonna happen. So Wednesday night, I will be up all night writing a stupid paper for my stupid Art 31 class.

Can you believe I have been coasting by in this class, and I have never opened the textbook??

Amazing, I say.

I astound myself at my mental prowess. I guess I know more than I thought I did.


Oh, there has been more Zack shit, but I don’t feel like going into it right now. As of now, though, it’s pretty over and done with… All his incoming mail gets trashed, and I have nothing (nice nor nasty) to say to him. Needless to say, if I ever saw him in the street, I would look right through him like he was invisible.

Anything else?

Oh, waiting for my damn rebate check….it’s supposed to come in this week…can’t wait! I can live off of that until I find something….

I actually want to get another tattoo with some of the money….so stay tuned.

That’s about it for now….


Thanks for the love <3

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