Last Resort?

Who the hell knows anymore??

So the MC writes:

Tell Victor fuck you!!!, Does your mother know your a racist with a dirty secret.

OK, first of all, learn how to punctuate properly.

Second of all, I am not going out with Vic. It’s a thorough mystery why he even thinks we’re somehow involved.

Third of all, I’m a racist? Really? Hmm, let’s see. My BFF’s white, most of the guys I date are white, and I have a multitude of races/ethnicities/creeds as friends.

Guess I’m a racist, huh?

And what secret could it be?? I am curious…but not enough, of course to email or call him back.

This is the end…the END I promise!

I am soooo tired of this shit.


One thought on “Last Resort?

  1. Annamarya says:

    I sooooo want to know what this secret is.

    What a jackass. He seriously is just trying to get the better of you. Maybe his version of a payback that’s unnecessary and useless and unwarranted, all because, obviously, his ego’s bruised.

    And he’s probably read your post and is sticking to that one thing because he’s obviously immature. I say pay no more mind and don’t even write about him on your blog. He isn’t worth the energy you waste typing.


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