I’m Rich Bitch! (not really)

I got a new job!

I work for an online cell phone company…we sell used and refurbished phones, and new accessories. I am a Customer Service rep for them 🙂

They are all very nice there (they are religious Jews) and are very patient with me. Plus they pay decently (and in cash…) and the work is super easy.

I always seem to have good luck finding good jobs.

In other news, school is almost done. Tuesday is the last day of classes for me, then finals are the week after. I only have two finals (hooray!) and the COMPASS test (boo) on thursday. Then I am D-O-N-E!

I am re-thinking whther or not to go to summer school. Now with this yob, I have no freaking clue how I’m going to get to KCC in time for class (I get out of work at 5; my class is supposed to start at 6).

I might just not take the class, and leave it for the fall; to maintain part time status (and fulfill my graduation requirements), I will need to have 9 credits if I don’t take the summer course.

Which works out nicely.

But then…I’ll have to take night and weekend courses in the fall if I want to work…and I’ll run into the same problem–getting to school on time.

Hmm….what to do?

In other news, I will start my official b-day countdown soon.

I’m going to be 23….I am getting old 😦

This year, I’ll probably be working on my b-day…and I don’t really look forward to it, either. After last year’s disappointing mess….


I have only one good friend that I can rely on…which is more than what most can say, I suppose….but it still hurts.

I need some friends (that aren’t far far away).

How can you have a job and be broke??!?? I don’t get it. I was supposed to go see Anna this weekend, but I am broke as a joke, man. I had some dough, but I helped pay for my sister’s prom dress, bought some stuff, got my hair done…and have an overdraft in my account.

I get paid next week, luckily. Juuust in time to pay my phonebill 🙂

Oh, and my mom finally got another case, so she won’t be around most of the summer (!).

And since I don’t work weekends, I can go see my BFF any weekend she’s free (yay!).

This summer shall be wonderful!


2 thoughts on “I’m Rich Bitch! (not really)

  1. Annamarya says:

    Oh well I was going to tell you when I saw you this weekend but I am coming up to NY June 14-15 to celebrate your b-day! I know, I know, it’s A-MAZING! Lol. No, but seriously, I’ll be coming to NY that Saturday morn and leaving Sunday night (work the next day, BOO). Let me know if that’s cool. Love ya sweetie!


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