…Just When You Think Life is Going Well…

Something comes along and fucks up your whole groove.

I should have expected as much to happen.

I do wish I could make myself write more, but I have no life, really. Even the Word-a-Day thing I cannot do….

I need some writing discipline. I need to start writing again…I have loads of ideas, but I can’t get myself to actually sit down and type them out. Hell, I have a few short stories I’d hand written that I need to transcribe from a year+ ago….

Arrgh, and I have yarn that needs to be wound, too. A box-full, to be exact. And I haven’t been knitting much, either.

I dunno what’s wrong with me…

Well, I have done lots of things since the last time I wrote (went to Philly, met a guy, stop talking to said guy, spent lots of money on who-knows-what)….

But nothing I feel like writing about right now.

Good news: i finally bought my own website. As soon as I have it up and running (hopefully before wednesday) I will post a link, and update all my links on Myspace, Facebook, etc.

My birthday is coming up in 8 days.

I’m trying to decide what to buy myself 🙂

Umm, I think that’s all for now. I need to make myself feel guilty for not writing, and then maybe I’ll write more frequently.

You think?



Thanks for the love <3

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