Websites, Knitting, and Binge Drinking


Sounded suoer sexy, so I ran with it.

Websites? I deleted my old myspace, got a new one, and I am starting over fresh. I also (fiiinally!) got my own website, which is in the midst of being updated, but feel free to lurk around:

I am quite proud of it (I did it all by myself! [not really…but yeah, I kinda did])

I’m using WordPress as a CMS…way better than Joomla, and much easier that attempting to use Dreamweaver or FrontPage.

I hope to have all of the items I have in stock up by Friday…maybe not the descriptions, but that is no biggie for now.

Knitting? Not so much. I need to start knitting again. After I write this, I will finish this hat that I have been knitting for like the last month (and there is no excuse, really. It will take me 20 mins tops to finish it up).

Binge drinking? My infamous ex-best friend dragged me out last night, and we met up with my other ex best friend’s ex, and we went bar hopping.

I didn;t want to go, but Ash sold me up the river, and I was alf dragged out the house (at 10pm, no less).

This is the run-down of what I drank:

  • Amaretto sour
  • Some tiki something drink
  • Kamikaze on the rocks
  • two Yagaer shots
  • two JD shots
  • a Bloody Abortion (an interesting concoction of Bailey’s, peach schnapps, and grenadine…tastier than it sounds)
  • a shot of Patron Silver

I paid not a dime…well, I put $5 towards a cab back home. We were slumming in Park Slope (of all places).

I was tipsy….until I got home. Once I was out of the outside air, I was a wreak.

I was a mess, really.

But now I guess I can understand why people drink.

But drinking is a very expensive hobby….it was over $200 (between three people) for drinks.


So then she was like, you’re our new drinking buddy! And I was like….but not every week…


I have better things to spend my money on than booze…unless I get it for free, and then I’m game.


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