The Musing Broads, AKA Guess Who’s Back?


Yes, after a long hiatus, I am back in the game. I hate myself for not writing more, but I just haven’t felt up to it.

Oh man, do I have catching up to do. When it’s slow at work one of these days, I will catch y’all up.

I want to announce something big and exciting (not me):

Me and two of my closest buddies (and awesome writers) joined forces to bring you:

The Musing Broads!

We give advice and will blog about, well, whatever the hell we want (advice, dating, sex, work, and other things for the twenty-somethings).

You guys should definitely give it a look. Feel free to register, lurk, join in the forum discussions, and submit questions! We’re also on Myspace!

This week, we have Renee B., who is caught in a bad situation. We call it Mr. Stalker and the Ex.

Hope you check it out, and spread the word!


Thanks for the love <3

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