Eagle Eye…

…is an amazing movie, and you must all go out to see it.

Shia Labeouf is an amazing actor, and I am glad he is getting all the recogition for it. Hell, we have to put up with lame ass movies from Brad Pitt (yeah, I said it. it has been quite a while since the world has seen a decent movie with him in it.).

Man, will this movie make you think. it seemed downright believeable, down to the last detail. A bit overdone on the carnage, but such it is with our government, right?

I must say that as a nihilistic anarchist, I had sympathy with the antagonist of the movie…woot!

But of course I was cheering Shia every step of the way *shifty eyes*

I am telling you: this movie will make you rethink every aspect of our technology driven lives….

Conspiracy theorists will LOVE this movie, paranoid people will nod and say “I told you so” and the sheep?

They will think they saw a great action flick.



Thanks for the love <3

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