Keepin’ it Pimpin’…

Just ain’t easy.

Woof. AZ lot of maitenance comes with it.

Gotta make sure your hair is fierce, your clothes off the wall, and your nails pristine.


Got the nails out of the way, I have tons of clothes, now I must figure out what the fuck to do with my hair. Right now it’s a colorful explosion of color, braided all the way down to my ass.

I love it, really.

Funny how I wasn’t so quick to take 10,000 pics of it like I usually do.


I will have to before I take it out…it’s fab, really.

I am waiting for my bum ass siter to get ready so we can go see Eagle Eye…it got rave reviews.

I’ll let ya know what I thought about it later or tomorrow 🙂


Thanks for the love <3

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