Conversation With an Ex, Yet Again.

Ex BF (12:33:45 AM): What’s up
Me (12:33:55 AM): not much
Me (12:33:58 AM): how are you?
Ex BF (12:34:29 AM): Not bad, not great
Me (12:35:05 AM): well, better than being bad
Ex BF (12:35:14 AM): True
Ex BF (12:35:29 AM): What have you been doing? How’s work and school?
Me (12:35:53 AM): work is fine
Me (12:35:58 AM): not in school this semester
Ex BF (12:36:29 AM): Have you been a little bored?
Me: (12:36:39 AM): LOL why?
Ex BF (12:36:47 AM): When’s your next day off?
Me (12:37:07 AM): LOL why?
Ex BF (12:37:21 AM): Wondering if you’d like to go to philly with me
Me (12:37:42 AM): oh wow
Me (12:37:48 AM): I go down there all the time, actually
Me (12:37:55 AM): when and why are ya going?
Ex BF (12:38:15 AM): No reason. I just wanted to go for the hell of it
Me (12:39:41 AM): so how’s work?
EX BF: (12:39:51 AM): Uneventful
Me (12:40:20 AM): lol
Me (12:40:30 AM): are you in school right now?
Ex BF (12:40:58 AM): Nope. I only have one class left but I cant afford it and I don’t want to get deeper in debt
Me (12:41:12 AM): oh dear…
Ex BF (12:46:12 AM): I guess you don’t want to
Ex BF (12:46:23 AM): OKay. Well, I’m going to bed
Me (12:46:32 AM): umm, ok…then
Me (12:46:34 AM): goodnight
Ex BF went away at 12:47:09 AM.

Here’s the backstory:

I met up with said ex (s/n changed to protect the lame…) back when I was working at the PT and working my regular job (so after my b-day, let’s say July?).

It was a Friday, and I was dead ass tired. Working 16 hour days with no day offs will do that to ya, you know?

Anyway, we were supposed to hang out since like, forever, and we made plans to meet up that night after I got out of the theatre (10pm).

I know this motherfucker. I have known him for 7 years. I know his MO. He never has a plan for when we hang out. Not to sound like I am a tight ass, but having a loose set of ideas (at the minimum) is always ideal.

Everytime we have hung out in the past, we always end up walking (MILES, not a stroll in the fucking park), and I knew I was gonna be dead ass tired, so I threatened him if he tried to pull some bullshit, I would be pissed.


So we went to a diner off of St. Marks, Around the Clock.

OMG their customer service sucks, and their steak? Absolutely terrible.

So I was annoyed throughout dinner (after being ignored for 20 mins after being seated, and getting a rubbery steak I asked to be made medium rare that did NOT look like a sirloin cut [but damn sure had a siroin price]) and I refused to leave a tip. He then went on a rant about how he used to be a waiter, or he knew someone that was, and they get paid crappily, etc.

Well, they should have thought about all of that before, said I.

He left the tip.

We went to the St. Marks Bookstore, where I got some awesome books.

So he says to me, let’s go somewhere where I can sit down, to which I happily agreed. I was hot, tired, and annoyed, so we went.

He wanted to go to some bar that had closed, so he was like, “let’s go in this general direction and see what we bump into.”

So we walked.

And walked.

Ended up far into Alphabet City…where there are no trains and I didn’t know where the fuck I was.

So I copped an attitude. I started bitching him out, telling him how messed up I thought it was that he had promised me we wouldn’t end up doing this, and how annoyed and tired I was, etc.

He had the nerve to say, “You might take this the wrong way, but you’re acting like a Prima Donna right now.”

I looked at him and laughed. He was surprised. So I shot back, “well gee, I was hoping more for Diva, but I guess that will do, too.”

Score one for Deena 🙂

So he gets all pissy, and says, well, let’s get you back to the Q, to which I happily agreed.

We actually end up sitting in Union Square for like an hour; there were some people beat-boxing that was pretty cool.

After a while, I was like I need to get my ass home, so he gave me a hug, and I got on the train home.

Haven’t spoken to him since.

I was thoroughly annoyed with that last encounter, I had no intentions of initiating any other kind of communication for a while…matter of fact, most every time we spoke in the last year, he initiated it anyway.

Always the same old shit.

Tonight, I was lurking on AIM and forgot to go invisible….and then the convo above.

So there ya have it folks, full circle.

I am sure there will be more to come…

Ex boyfriends seem to be a big part of my life, lately.

Thanks for the love <3

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