Hilarious Comments on Video Below

btsumm: Voting for what? What are we voting for? War? health care? Gay rights? Human rights? This is the same line we get year after year and yet the people we ‘vote’ for don’t seem to change much in terms of policy to a positive. Sure I’m going to vote. But is my vote going to return freedom to our country?

btsumm: Well this video is all kinds of feel good…but seriously…what is the point? Where is Ron Paul? One of the only people that understands how to fix this situation. Hollywood…get a clue.

[pulled from the YouTube page the video was on]

Have to say I agree with the dude.

Do these actors have a sum total IQ that adds up to 100? Doesn’t look like it. If you are thinking of voting as a result of this video, please DO NOT VOTE. These actors have helped turn our brain into mush and now they want us to be heroic? I wish people who vote would have to take a quiz first on what issues the candidates stand for. BTW, I have voted ever since I’ve been 18 but I *have to be* more informed than these idiots throwing around platitudes. Can I get my 5 minutes back?

ROFL. I didn’t even watch the whole thing! I liked this one as well.

Wow! All of these actors and all of them are trying to sound convincing. Who in the hell do they think they are fooling?! THEY are actors! They are not concerned about who is president! The only one telling the truth is the fat guy! -1 star!

I agree with this one too. Some of them were a little too into it…and not in a good, convincing way.

I think this guy summed it up the best:

Its been awhile since I took Social Studies and History, but our votes aren’t what puts the person into office from what I remember.

And there ya have it, folks.

Should be an interesting election season. More propaganda to follow (I’m sure).


Thanks for the love <3

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