R.I.P Hopefull Amnesia (12/24/05-10/5/08)

You will sorely be missed…

You piece of shit mothercunt.

To die on me at a time like this….???!?? I needed you, and you let me down.

You MUST have been a male.

They just don’t make ’em like they used to…I had a second gen iPod….the sucker fell down a flight of stairs, got splashed with soapy water, and it kept on lickin’. Had a fourth gen, and it seemed to go downhill from there. I had the 4th gen replaced TWICE in six month’s time.

This one, it was great…until it started freezing up. Then….then…it finally took it’s last electronic breath *sob* last night about 11:43pm.

They seem to make ’em last long enough for the new ones to roll out so you figure, “well I’ll just get the new one!”

Fucking Apple. Screw this shit; after this, I am getting a Creative Zen.

My love affair with the Apple iPod has officially ended.

*iPhones suck*


Thanks for the love <3

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