High Maintenance? YOU Decide!

To fully appreciate this conversation, you should read the other conversations I have had with this ex…you can go to the categories pulldown menu and look under IM Convos to see them…they should be labeled accordingly.

Per usual, screenames have been changed to protect the fabulous…and the stubborn. Enjoy.
Ex BF (3:51:27 AM): You’re up late
Me (3:52:15 AM): I am, aren’t I
Me (3:52:19 AM): but so are you
Me (3:52:27 AM): I can’t sleep
Ex BF (3:52:30 AM): LOL I went to bed at 10
Me (3:52:42 AM): ahh, I have been up since 8am
Ex BF (3:52:43 AM): I’m not accustomed to sleeping long hours so I woke up around 3
Me (3:52:49 AM): oh, I see
Ex BF (3:53:00 AM): Yeah
Ex BF (3:53:18 AM): So I read a bit and then I came up here to computer for a bit
Ex BF (3:53:28 AM): but I’ll most likely head back to bed in a few
Me (3:53:35 AM): sounds like fun
Me (3:53:40 AM): I should head to bed soon…
Me (3:53:55 AM): technically, I am in bed, but I mean to sleep
Me (3:53:56 AM): lol
Ex BF (3:54:05 AM): LOL I get you
Ex BF (3:54:09 AM): SO how’s life?
Me (3:54:20 AM): life is getting interesting
Me (3:54:26 AM): but still frustrating
Me (3:54:28 AM): lol
Ex BF (3:54:35 AM): LOL Interesting how?
Me (3:54:54 AM): well, I am doing a bit of traveling
Me (3:54:58 AM): in philly now
Me (3:55:08 AM): then I am heading down to atlanta saturday
Ex BF (3:55:13 AM): Cool
Me (3:55:19 AM): yep
Ex BF (3:55:37 AM): Did you just feel like going or is this some sort of special occasion?
Me (3:55:58 AM): where?
Ex BF (3:56:09 AM): LOL Either
Me (3:56:21 AM): well, my BFF lives in philly
Me (3:56:39 AM): and my friend moved down there and invited me down
Ex BF (3:56:51 AM): Cool. Where in Philly? Center City or elsewhere?
Me (3:57:00 AM): never been, and I have off from work, so I said hell yeah
Me (3:57:03 AM): lol
Me (3:57:12 AM): she lives in west philly
Ex BF (3:57:25 AM): Ah okay cool. How is it?
Me (3:57:44 AM): it’s nice
Me (3:57:51 AM): I come down here once a month
Ex BF (3:58:18 AM): Nice
Ex BF (3:58:27 AM): I use to go there often
Ex BF (3:58:32 AM): I always enjoyed it
Me (3:58:37 AM): it’s close enough, and cheap
Ex BF (3:58:42 AM): I know
Me (3:58:43 AM): why the hell not?
Me (3:58:53 AM): nice to get out of the city
Ex BF (3:59:02 AM): It is
Ex BF (3:59:24 AM): Although I like the new york night life
Ex BF (3:59:33 AM): I like exploring elsewhere too
Me (3:59:36 AM): I am not really interested in it.
Ex BF (4:00:23 AM): DO you think McCain stands a chance?
Me (4:00:48 AM): honestly, it’s any man’s chance now.
Me (4:00:57 AM): either way, this country is screwed
Ex BF (4:01:17 AM): LOL That’s a pessimistic way of seeing things
Me (4:01:34 AM): well, I never claimed to be little miss sunshine
Ex BF (4:01:47 AM): LOL I see
Me (4:02:05 AM): you act like this is shocking news
Me (4:02:06 AM): lol
Ex BF (4:02:21 AM): It’s not. I remember you quite well
Ex BF (4:04:19 AM): I think I’ll listen to some music and head to bed
Me (4:04:26 AM): oh do you really?
Me (4:04:27 AM): ha.
Me (4:04:35 AM): alright, nity nite
Me (4:04:43 AM): *nitey
Ex BF (4:04:45 AM): I do
Ex BF (4:04:58 AM): LOL I remember you hate walking
Me (4:05:04 AM): you bastard
Me (4:05:38 AM): I think you did it on purpose last time
Me (4:05:41 AM): but whatever.
Ex BF (4:05:48 AM): I didn’t do it on purpose
Ex BF (4:05:58 AM): I really had no place in particular to go to
Ex BF (4:06:11 AM): I just wanted to hang out since I haven’t seen you in a while
Me (4:06:46 AM): You got me at a bad time. I had been working 7 days a week for 14+ hours during the week
Me (4:06:56 AM): I was tired
Me (4:07:00 AM): and it was hot
Me (4:07:08 AM): and I got really irritated
Ex BF (4:07:17 AM): I could see that
Ex BF (4:07:31 AM): You kpet going on and on about the food too
Ex BF (4:07:35 AM): *kept
Me (4:07:48 AM): ugh, that terrible restaraunt
Ex BF (4:07:59 AM): lol It was just a diner
Ex BF (4:08:07 AM): I never really expect much from diner food
Me (4:08:11 AM): wouldn’t buy a bottle of water from them
Me (4:08:49 AM): but not expensive diner food! shit. I could have went to my fave thai restaraunt for those prices
Ex BF (4:09:34 AM): lol You’re such a queen about things
Me (4:09:55 AM): and your point?
Me (4:10:08 AM): I like to be comfortable
Me (4:10:18 AM): nothing wrong with that
Ex BF (4:10:49 AM): Would you be comfortable anywhere in the world or does it take a lot for you to be comfortable?
Me (4:11:12 AM): it depends on how you figure “a lot”
Ex BF (4:11:29 AM): lol Admit it, you’re high maintenance
Me (4:11:32 AM): I know there are places I will never be comfortable
Me (4:11:46 AM): ha, you haven’t seen high maintenance
Me (4:11:51 AM): truuuust me.
Me (4:11:56 AM): I am so far from that
Ex BF (4:12:17 AM): I went out with Nicole for 3 years. I know high maintenance enough
Me (4:12:29 AM): don’t compare me to her
Me (4:12:35 AM): we are two different people
Me (4:12:44 AM): sorry to disappoint you.
Ex BF (4:13:13 AM): I’m not comparing anyone. What I’m saying is that I know what high maintenance is
Me (4:14:08 AM): LOL if you think that I’m high maintenance, then you really have no clue
Ex BF (4:14:50 AM): And why’s that? Just because you know people worse than yourself?
Me (4:14:56 AM): I am really laid back and chill…I just hate to be uncomfortable. I don’t demand to eat at the best places or dress in the most expensive clothes
Me (4:15:25 AM): I will go outside in rollers and pjs
Me (4:15:33 AM): lol
Ex BF (4:15:46 AM): LOL That’s nothing to be bragging about
Me (4:16:17 AM): I don’t give a fuck
Me (4:16:18 AM): lol
Me (4:16:29 AM): that is my point
Ex BF (4:16:56 AM): lol Yeah, but how much does it take for you to be comfortable though?
Me (4:17:20 AM): a high maitenance girl would never do that, wouldn’t be caught dead without every perfect hair in place, and every daub of makeup juust right (don’t even wear makeup)
Me (4:17:31 AM): depends on the situation
Ex BF (4:18:06 AM): That’s not true. It’s not about how you look; it’s about how much you can deal with not having things done your way
Me (4:18:33 AM): that just makes one a spoiled brat, and I am.
Me (4:19:09 AM): that is one thing I cannot deny.
Ex BF (4:19:13 AM): lol That also makes you high maintenance– sorry to break it to ya
Me (4:19:41 AM): I like things to be done my way—which is usually in the best interest of all involved
Me (4:19:46 AM): LOL ok, sure
Ex BF (4:20:01 AM): Okay. You don’t have to believe me
Me (4:22:55 AM): whatever, doesn’t matter
Me (4:23:28 AM): well, I googled “high maintenance woman”
Me (4:23:45 AM): while being fussy is one aspect of it, it is not the say all end all
Me (4:24:06 AM): and it seems to be up for individual interpretation
Ex BF (4:25:08 AM): LOL Deena. It’s cool. Everybody answers has no one to answer to but themselves
Me (4:25:39 AM): it just irks me you would call me that when i know i’m not
Me (4:25:53 AM): I hate when people have all kinds of assumptions about me
Me (4:26:09 AM): you’re the first person ever to say that
Ex BF (4:26:16 AM): If you know it’s not true, why are you stressing it?
Me (4:26:17 AM): and I have been called way worse than that
Me (4:26:24 AM): lol
Me (4:26:28 AM): like I said
Me (4:26:33 AM): it annoyed me
Me (4:26:40 AM): so I needed to get to the bottom of it
Ex BF (4:26:44 AM): It annoys you because there’s some truth to it
Me (4:26:55 AM): ok Dr. Phil
Me (4:26:58 AM): lol
Ex BF (4:27:22 AM): DOn’t Dr Phil me. I said you can believe what you want
Me (4:28:00 AM): I know it
Me (4:28:28 AM): which is why I am a proud member of “save the unicorns”
Me (4:28:28 AM): lol
Ex BF (4:28:40 AM): lol okay
Me (4:29:25 AM): and calling me names must make you feel good, huh? what is the problem, really?
Ex BF (4:29:50 AM): I’m not calling you names. I think you’re cool, but I still think you’re high maintenance
Me (4:30:31 AM): ok, and that means what exactly in relation to me…?
Me (4:31:14 AM): if I am cool overall, why does that one thing make such a difference?
Ex BF (4:31:36 AM): That I’d enjoy your comapny a lot more if you didn’t complain so much.
Me (4:32:32 AM): well, if you feel that way, you’re not in any way obligated to hang out with me.
Horacian7 (4:32:49 AM): *company
Ex BF (4:33:07 AM): I’m not. You think I’m trying to put you down and I’m not
Ex BF (4:33:17 AM): It’s cool. I’m sorry if I upset you
Me (4:34:34 AM): it’s fine; I’m so over it.
Me (4:35:56 AM): the whole situation just annyoed me, mostly because of how you approached it. I hate people tellling me things about myself with such finality. You really don’t know me as well as you may think you do.
Me (4:36:03 AM): *annoyed
Ex BF (4:36:21 AM): Dude, I didn’t claim to know anything
Me (4:36:35 AM): that’s the attitude you have
Ex BF (4:37:03 AM): NO, I’m just saying forget it. I’m sorry I said anything
Me (4:37:19 AM): LOL
Me (4:38:08 AM): no, you’re not sorry. Or rather you’re sorry I made such a fuss about it, but I suppose you expected that and all.
Ex BF (4:39:16 AM): I just said what I had to say. Nobody has to take anything I say for gospel truth. You think it’s bullshit and that’s your right
Me (4:40:57 AM): well, you’re entitled to your opinion. I just don’t have to like it.
Ex BF (4:41:50 AM): Okay
Me (4:43:55 AM): urrgh. why do ya have to be so difficult??
Ex BF (4:44:18 AM): I’m not being difficult. I’m just chillin
Me (4:44:36 AM): lol ok
Ex BF (4:50:20 AM): K, Goodnight, Deena
Me (4:50:27 AM): night
Ex BF (4:50:27 AM): I’ll catch you later
Me (4:50:31 AM): maybe
Me (4:50:38 AM): see ya on the flip side
Ex BF (4:51:36 AM): Girl, if you were ever on that side, you wouldn’t be talking to me the way you do. Later
Ex BF went away at 4:51:45 AM.

Mother fucker went away before I could respond.

I’m sure there will be more conversations with this ex, so stary tuned.


Thanks for the love <3

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