Hotlanta? Pul-eeze! or “Deena’s Trip Down South”

Well, I got back from Atlanta yesterday…

I was sorely disappointed.

I dunno what exactly I expected, but it was all a little…sad.

I went to Downtown Atlanta (the ‘happening” place) and went to the aquarium, the zoo, and the Coca Cola Story….it was nice, it was fun, but (the zoo and aquarium) all things you can find in any metropolitan area.

The airport was HUGE. it was so huge they had different concourses in one section of the airport just for Delta (the airline of choice—NOT!) and a moving platform, multiple staircases and even a train (!) to get from the entrance to the departing gates.

They had some nice sculptures in the airport (which I took some pictures of, above) and I took a few pictures at the aquarium. I took some pictures of Eric at the Coca Cola museum too, but those will not be posted (sorry to disappoint).

All in all, it was pretty dead.

I got some cool shit out of it, though. I got some jewelry, and lots of junk (candy). We went to the shopping distirc and there reall wasn’t anything there that ya couldn’t find anywhere else, so I didn’t bother to buy anything.

As a matter of fact, the only money I spent was on souvenirs and taxis to and from the airport and my house….spent about $110 in all. Eric payed for EVERYTHING while I was down there….to the point I was mortified. He bought me a bunch of shit, payed for dinner and entrance fees, bought lunch and cigs….


I felt like Pretty Woman, I swear.

Oh, and Mama Anna was right… I did get laid.

But that was expected, I guess.

And no, I am NOT moving down there either; I can see no forseeable future with me and Eric (as we are just good friends/occasional lovers) and Goddess….it’s so dead down there. I would end up being his housegirlfriend—not a future I look forward to.

He was so lonely down there, though….he looked so sad when I was leaving….asked me if I might come down again.

Poor baby.

Back to conversations about noodling and the latest AC/DC CD for him.


Thanks for the love <3

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