What is it about August and November…Or, “Deena’s Excuses for NOT Writing…”

That made me not want to write??!??

Technically, nothing; both months were pretty fufilling and whatnot.

I attribute it to sheer laziness. That’s all it could really be.

Well, I figured with 29 days left to the year, I might as well start to make myself look a lil better by writing.

I’m at work right now, sick.

Well, recovering, actually.

From a nasty bout of the flu tinged with Laryngitis (sounds like some ghetto name, huih?? LOL).

Fucked up my whole Thanksgiving weekend, too. Didn’t even get to eat on Thanksgiving. I won’t get started on that whole mess….

Hmm, let’s see what else:

  • Started dating a guy. Who is awesomely awesome 🙂 He’s a true gentleman who holds doors, offers to help me with my coat, and pays for EVERYTHING. I dunno, but I think I can get used to this kind of treatment 😉 (He’s European, of course. American guys don’t do that shit unless they are banking on getting laid, and even then they are, they do it half-assedly. I haven’t even slept with the guy yet [nor hinted at it], and it’s 1000% consistent, every time I see him [So why haven’t I slept with him? See ref. to laryngitis above….a real downer to my plans…..pun intended])
  • Got a G1. It really is a fab phone; I barely use my laptop anymore (shit, as much as I have to pay a month in phone bill?? LOL)*
  • My laptop is fried. I need to get it looked at. It doesn’t recognize the CDROM drive, nor any virtual ones I had set up (e.g, no playing The Sims 2 😦  )
  • Got a new hairdo (again)
  • Planning to get another new hairdo
  • I have started saving up to get my own place. I am looking to be out no later than February. The money won’t be an issue (interms of deposits and such…) it’s more of finding a place in my budget. In NYC. Good luck, I know…
  • I am officially officially a writer again. I was published in Orgivation Magazine this month 😛
  • I plan to get another tattoo and go down to Philly to see my BFF. I didn’t get to go last month and see her *sniffle*
  • Uhh….your mom [no, really. YOUR MOM. RIGHHT BEHIND YOU! Psyche.]

That’s about it. And with that, I will take my candy ass home to get some much needed rest.

*yes I said phone bill, singular. LOL. It’s the only bill I have to pay, so I shouldn’t complain. But still, it’s my nature to complain.


Thanks for the love <3

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