…But I haven’t FELT Like Writing…


I have had lots of shit happen, but I have been so lazy…

Shame on me, I know.

It’s been more than a month, and I didn’t even write before New Years….

I am such a bad girl.

Well, I downloaded an app on my G1 to post on here, so I reallly have no excuses left now to not write.

I made a silent promise to myself to get some shit done this year:

  1. Write more. I have been incredibly lax in this area. Can’t call myself much of a writer if I don’t write, right? ha ha. Well, I have been writing for Orgivation, but not any personal writing. I want to get started on my book of short stories, and I want to write more poetry.
  2. Knit more. Another thing I have been incredibly lax on. I actually enjoy knitting; I have just been too lazy to do so… [insert rolling of eyes here]. I want to try to finish at least one project a month….and finally roll up all these skeins I have lurking around….so I can go buy some more yummy yarn 🙂 I also want to finish some leftover projects I half started last year…
  3. Read more. I have been doing a great job of this so far this year. I have already read four books (hooray!). I have a stack of about 15 books I want to finish this year…before I start buying new books. I already have a stack of 20+ I need to finish (besides the one I am determined to finish), plus a bag of about 10-15 under my bed I haven’t even touched. Arrgh.
  4. Get my driver’s license. I have my permit (and it’s good for two more years) but I want to learn how to drive this year. I want to buy a little car, so I can say goodbye to Public Transportation forever…muahaha! Especially since they are going to raise the fare here in NYC AGAIN. But thn, there is insurance, and gas, and…ugh. Maybe I’ll just be a weekend driver? I dunno. I will get my license and go on from there.
  5. Travel more. This I do all the time, but I actually want to go to places I haven’t been. I am gonna go to Costa Rica this year around my birthday; I think Alex might go with me…that would be swell! I also want to go to the west coast this year, preferrably Cali. I have been dyyying to go! Alex says he wants to go too, so we’ll see.

Five is a nice round number. I think I can do this….

Guess we’ll have to see.

The year is still youung, after all.

Thanks for the love <3

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