Traveling Blues

On the way to Philly, and there’s some crazy motherfucker on the bus. My guess? Drunk. Or high. Or both. Whatever the case might be, he’s annoying as shit.

He was threatening to call imigration on the Asians on the bus, and walking up and down the aisle yelling.

Everyone pretty much ignored him and then I fell asleep for about an hour.

I get up from my nap and the bus was on the side of the road, not moving.

I asked the chick in front of me what was going on. We were in the middle of Buttfuck NJ (lol) and I thought we had a flat tire or something.


That crazy motherfucker called the police. And a STATE TROOPER showed up.


So the trooper comes on the bus and asked who called. The crazy man was silent, but we were all like, stand up and tell him you called! And shit like that. So TCM gets off the bus and we’re all bitching about the delay and giving our theories on his sobriety and why he called the cops.

Turns out he complained that the driver threatened him and that he was driving erraticallly (not true). We defended the driver, the trooper left, and we are back on the road.

What an exciting trip already! I hope the rest will be just as buzzworthy 😛

On my way to see my BFF. Tomorrow’s her bday and we’re gonna get all spiffy and head out to NJ to shop and have dinner.

I’ll keep y’all posted (get it? Ha ha).


Thanks for the love <3

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