Man, Do I Have A Lot of Yarn…

Check it out. I fiiinally finished compiling my stash! (and it only took me all weekend! LOL)

27 different brands/kinds….with multiple skeins of most. I have damn near 100 skeins of yarn….that’s not counting shit in use (which is about 4 or 5…and then leftovers from previous projects??!?? Yeesh.)

I am a fiend; I am obsessed.

And I just bid on more sock yarn on eBay…

I see myself pretty broke next week.

I spent this whole weekend doing knitting related things, but not too much actual knitting.

Go figure, huh?

Well, I plan to finish this first sock tonight, and start the second one before 1 am.

But first, a smoke and some spumoni 🙂


Thanks for the love <3

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