Just sounded like a good word to use πŸ™‚

It started out as a gorgeous day… but the wind, oh! the wind was horrid today.

But yet and still, we got a small sample of spring between yesterday and today, and that made me happy πŸ™‚

I have been a lot happier lately, which is ALWAYS a good thing, right?


I feel like I am waiting for something to fuck up, so in the meanwhile, I am enjoying as much of this interlude of happiness as I can.

In a week or so will make a year since I started this blog….not the longest I had a blog, but certainly the most regular one (in terms of keeping up with it, I mean).

Hmm, I haven’t read any books this month….but I read 4 last month, so I don’t have to feel guilty about missing my quota. Besides, I am in a knitting frenzy right now.

See, the thing is, I have an addictive personality. Once I like something, I go on overload…then I get off my high and get bored, thus effectively letting my streak wither away and die.

That goes for all of my hobbies. I can multitask (a true pro, I am) but once I get obsessed, I don’t WANT to do anything else.


In other news, I am going to be on YouTube soon! I’ll post a link once it’s up. I did a review of the G1 for my job, and I am quite pleased with it.

I have also been lurking on Ravelry far too much. Every night, I get home, and tell myself I am going to knit, but I end up on there for hours at a time, and then I have to haul ass to bed in order to get up (late) for work the next day.

Yet another addiction.

See kids, this is why I would never try any hard(er) drugs. Cigs got me, and that’s more than enough vice, TYVM. (well, I tried pot, but…Ohhh, reminds me of a funny story that happened over Xmas…another day I will go into it, perhaps…)

Alright, off to bed now.


Thanks for the love <3

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