All’s Fair When Lovers Part

All’s Fair When Lovers Part

All’s fair when lovers part
I knew it wouldn’t last
So many stolen moments spent
It all went way too fast…

So much for our plans to see the world
All that’s left is strife.
All we had is done and spoiled
and just like that, on with your life.

Just look how easy it was for you
To nod and turn away;
I see now how it really was—
You were never meant to stay.

Permanence is a stall-way,
Diligence is best
But all along I should have known
You were exactly like the rest.

But pain is a faint memory
When all is said and done
I have sweet memories to seal away
The emptiness that is to come.

Haven’t written a poem in a long time…but this was well warranted. I guess everything great is good while it lasts…

Thanks for the love <3

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