Loneliness is Worse

I think Veruca Salt was right.

March was good for me four years ago….since then it has been filled with nothing but drama and needless bullshit.

Shame it’s not the shortest month of the year…

I got nothing I wanted to get done completed this weekend. On top of this useless streak of melancholy… bleh. This weekend went by way too fast. Fuck, this YEAR is going by way too fast. Steadily creeping to 24, am I. What does a 6 year mean for me?

Guess we’ll see.

Why does life have to be so needlessly difficult? Why do i feel this way? I feel so empty, and the emptiness has turned to numbness and its slowly consuming me alive…

Maybe it’ll be better when I’m fully desensitized and there’s nothing left to feel or care about.


Thanks for the love <3

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