Project Updates and Hopefuls

I finally finished my shawl!!!

I haven’t blocked it yet, but even without blocking, it’s as big as the shawl I made for my gramma after I blocked it O__O I used the same type of yarn (Malabrigo) and almost the same amout of yarn (~300 yards)… but I used needles one size bigger. I didn’t think it would make that big of a difference!

Apparently I was wrong.

I’m blocking it tonight, so I’ll take pictures in progress and when it’s all nice and dry.

I started crocheting another pair of socks… it’s so much fun and will be way more portable than the shawl was… especially at the end of it.

Here is the beginning:

I started it this morning on the train 🙂

The first pair of crocheted socks I made took about 8 hours. As I plan to work on this solely to and from work, should take me about a week or two to finish(?)

Opening a biz doesn’t leave much room for big home projects, even though there are a ton of them I’d like to do…. once I have my shop situated, I’ll start another shawl. I want to make this:

This is the first pattern I’ve

  1. bought a WHOLE BOOK for
  2. bought yarn specifically for
  3. been really, truly excited about
  4. feel challenged just by reading the pattern
  5. has a chart I’m [hopefully] able to follow

and as such I cannot wait to make it!! ^__^

(well, it’s been on hold for a few months yet, Getting the ambition up to make it, and now I’m uuber busy with my shop opening right around the corner and all :/)


Thanks for the love <3

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