Crochet and Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Making :P

I must say, these socks are going by rather quickly!

I started them on Monday on the way to work… and I am about 45% done with the first one. I reckon I could finish it either today or tomorrow if I work on it at home!

I worked on it quite a bit when I was at the doctor yesterday, and some when I got up after my mini coma too. I dunno what it is about crocheting socks that bring me so much happiness… really.

It’s weird.

I was feeling all sad and defective, but once I started on the socks, whoosh! Bad feelings gone.

Mayhap they’ll be my lucky socks ^__^

I also got some new roving in! (again)

2010-05-05 11.36.16_Brooklyn_New York_US

Awesome yummy merino roving from SpinningAwesomeGood on Etsy ❤

I buy all my spinning/knitting supplies from small independent sellers. I stick by my Buying Handmade pledge 🙂

Speaking of socks, I plan to put this sock pj on hold for a few days and start a pair for my mom. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I need a fast, yert satisfying project to make that

  1. she’ll like
  2. she’ll actually use

I’ve made her so many things over the years; she barely uses any of the things I make her. She wears socks all year round, and she’s made comments (on the positive lol) on the pair of socks I made before, and also on the ones I’m making now. I haz some Berrocco Sox that has all her fave colors in it, so I’ll hook it up tonight. I shall be finished by saturday evening, I reckon.

Upside down, but still awesome :P

Upside down, but still kick-ass! 😛 It's purple, red, blue and white. This is a crappy picture...

Keeping myself busy busy…


Thanks for the love <3

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