Shop updates, New Spindle, and Spinning!

[Warning: another pic-heavy post!]


I had a really productive weekend! I made a shitload of stitch markers for the shop (mini preview):

Stitch Markers for Le Shoppe

Stitch Markers for Le Shoppe

Stitch Markers for Le Shoppe

And I got a new spindle!

Before I get to the spindle, I want to show off some of  my handspun yarn!

Spinning City Lights 2

It started out like this....

My Second Handspun

The end result!

My Second Handspun

The end result! ❤

Squee! I ❤ the colors… I got the dyed roving on Etsy from Red Barn Fibers. She has awesome stuff.

This came out thick and thin; estimated from size 5 needles all the way up to 13-15, mostly on the middle-bigger end of the needle range. I don’t know how much yardage (as I was too lazy to measure), but  it looks like it’s enough to make a skinny scarf or a hat at the least.

Spinning is hard work, but it’s so rewarding. The feeling of accomplishment is even greater, knowing you did everything but shave the sheep to make something—start to finish.

I love it.

And as I get obsessed easily, I have to go in full hog.

I have:

  • three spindles (two bottom whorl [one I made myself!], one top
  • 1/2 lb merino superwash roving, natural
  • 1/2 lb merino/tussah silk blend (80/20),  natural
  • 1/2 lb milk roving, natural
  • 1/8 lb tussah silk, natural
  • 1/16 lb firestar roving, tropical
  • 1/4 dyed merino (rainbow-y)
  • 1/4 dyed corriedale (rainbow-y)


I tried out my new spindle with the corriedale:

My new Spindle! <3

Yes, it says Deelicious 😛

The Evil Wool

Evil ass wool *mutters*

Spinning on my new Spindle! <3

Squee! My first thin yarn!

Spinning on my new Spindle! <3

Spinning on my new Spindle! <3

I ❤ the colors! Hate the wool. I don't care how soft it is *grumbles*

I love the colors, but… I find this stuff hard to spin. It doesn’t have a very long staple. The colors, though… *sigh*

I made two mini skeins (one of the blue, and one with the orange, blue, and pink) because it wasn’t coming out quite the way I wanted (twice). I must have used almost an ounce to do so :/

I was trying out spinning from the fold (as I need to practice before I can spin silk or milk… tee hee) and I got the hang of it, but boy, that short staple is a doozy. [As a side note, I did try spinning a little piece of milk… it’s slippery and tricky. I need more practice before I can tangle with it… har har]

I decided to try again with my superwash merino, which feels like clouds and spins wonderfully. I don’t know if I’ll have the time this week to spin more… I have more things to make for the shop, and I also have to make some swap stuff… I also have my blogs *ahem* and am starting up a join blog with my friend Bonnie, too!

Busy as a bee, I am.

I spent a good chunk of the weekend finishing my mom’s socks:

Mom's Sock

I hate the colorway, but she loved the socks; a win-win, as far as I'm concerned ;P

as well as (finally) winding some recycled sari silk yarn into pull balls. I need them for the shop, so I needed to get on the ball (I couldn’t resist!)

Fiber Chores :P

So, that’s how I spent my weekend!

I’m resuming work on my pink socks of awesomeness… then I’m gonna make some socks with my Skittles colorway sock yarn ❤ Those socks are going to be Teh Awesome!

I do, however, want to start up another knitting project… I’m either going to learn entrelac (finally!) or start Wisp. I already have the yarns, patterns, and the needles set up in plastic shopping bags for most of the items on the first page of my Ravelry queue, so the hard part is choosing which one to start 😛

Decisions, decisions…

Thanks for the love <3

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