One Down, One to Go, Shop Open, and Wispy

I got one sock done! ❤

2010-05-17 21.59.01_Brooklyn_New York_US

Ta da! ❤

2010-05-17 21.59.32_Brooklyn_New York_US

This is really comfy ^__^

2010-05-17 22.00.06_Brooklyn_New York_US

Top view.

2010-05-17 21.57.02

Doesn't look too glamorous here... but *shrugs*

I’ve started the second foot, but I’ve been slacking. I should have been at least halfway done with it. This weekend was rather hectic, so I didn’t touch it once. I also didn’t work on it on the way to work today, like I always do. Huh. I hope the novelty hasn’t worn off…

2010-05-17 21.57.20

I like the other sock's toe better :/

I’m gonna start Wisp tonight, too…. I want to at least cast it on. It’s one of the patterns I’ve been dying to do! ❤

2010-05-17 21.57.32

The Beginning

Eek! I didn’t realize how late it is… time flies. I’ll only have the strength to cast on and nothing more 😦

Damn, I lost one of my point protectors when I was doing the Eyelet Shawl :/

I’m tired. Updates perhaps on Wednesday or Thursday, as I’m off both days this week.

BTW, the shop’s open! I’ve only put up 13 items so far (all stitch markers), aaaand I have a ton to go…. i have like 10 stitch marker sets alone left to put up, not to mention the earrings, fascinators, amigurumi and other assorted things…

I’ll be listing forever…

I got some new charms in today, too. Pictures this week, I promise!


Thanks for the love <3

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