Super Awesome Netbook Sleeve


This was a quick crochet; the only problem I had with it was it was a bit awkward to hold while working on it, and my ring kept getting caught in it πŸ˜›

Super Awesome Netbook Sleeve

Ta da! ❀

Super Awesome Netbook Sleeve

Back view

Super Awesome Netbook Sleeve

With my baby inside...

Super Awesome Netbook Sleeve

Top View

Super Awesome Netbook Sleeve

Side View

If anyone is interested, I’m going to make another one and take notes so I can post a pattern for it. It’s seamless… crocheted in one piece with only minimal weaving of ends required. I’m too lazy to make something and have to sew it up afterwards πŸ˜‰

The few notebook sleeves I’ve seen on Ravelry are either knitted, or seamed (if crocheted) πŸ˜›

My decision to use Red Heart worked out wonderfully… it’s sturdy, but has a bit of give (as I made the sleeve slightly smaller than the netbook) and it cushions nicely.

I’m thinking about making some to sell in the shop… I think they’ll sell well (har har)


2 thoughts on “Super Awesome Netbook Sleeve

  1. Gently Feral says:

    Really pretty! Gaudy, yet handsome — my favorite combination πŸ™‚

    Now if only it had a strap … but would Red Heart stretch too much? Would you have to use cotton twine? Maybe it would just get too complicated.


Thanks for the love <3

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