Knitting Update #1

I have been knitting up a storm.

I have knit more than I’ve done any other craft this year so far… which is great ’cause I have gotten so much better at it as a result. I made my first sweater this year, and am almost done with a second, I Plan on making at least one more before the end of the year… and I promised my sister a sweater too 😛

If you’re on Ravelry, you can check out my project page to see what I have been up to, but there are two projects I especially want to share.

In progress; this is the Clap’s increase section, three repeats from the end of the section.

This is my second one. I love this pattern! It is mindless knitting, but not boring.

The best part is unraveling the stitches! It is an excellent pattern for any skill level, and great for people who detest pooling yarn colorways. My only regret is not trying it sooner. There will be more Claps made in the future, both for me and as gifts. I promised myself not to repeat any patterns (with the exception of amigurumi, of course) this year, but I had to make an exception (Plus, it’s for a KAL).

This is right after the heel turn. I am 75% done now. 

This one is special.

This is my first attempt at knitting fingering weight socks 😀  I love it. I looks like a fucking sock! I’ve made socks before; I made a pair of worsted weight socks using an online tutorial. It was easy enough, but I was scurred to touch le fingering weight.

This year has been one of milestones for me. Before, I wouldn’t have touched needles below a #7 if you paid me. I made a scarf using fingering weight and sz 6 needles, and it was awesome. Then, I made one using fingering wt and sz 4… it took me almost a month to finish (it was my commuter project) but the results were worth it. My gauge was nice and even too; I knew I was ready to try socks again. I dithered and dawdled. I treated myself to some nice sock yarn for my birthday, and decided to use it for my socks. (This is Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock YarnOriginally, I was going to make a shawl from this yarn, but the label said it striped.

I love striped socks.

What better, thought I, than striped socks that I made myself? I was going to crochet them, but I decided to be brave and try to knit them.

So far… I have made a few mistakes. I am from the “fuck it!” school of knitting so I didn’t frog and I didn’t let it deter me from chugging on. None of the mistakes are that noticeable (certainly not to a non knitter…) I have gotten progressively better though; the sock’s twin won’t have as many mistakes as this one.

I have a decent selection of sock yarns, so I am officially in the sock making club!

I am working on two other projects, but they are currently on hold and I can’t find any pictures, so another post I’ll share them. Maybe.


Thanks for the love <3

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