RROU #2: Expanding My Knitting Repertoire

(if you hadn’t guessed what the acronym in the title means….Really, Really Overdue Update, like my last post’s title. You will see this again, I almost guarantee it :P)

So your girl branched out and tried new things last year.

I didn’t set lofty goals last year (well, ok I kinda did). I wanted to do the following:

  • learn fair isle/stranded knitting
  • make a pair of knitted socks
  • do at least one project a month
I did all of the above and then some! I made two pairs of knitted socks, I learned stranded knitting, and I did over 20 projects last year! Woot! I am a fucking machine! As a bonus, I also learned double knitting. I have been busy as a beaver since October with my newly acquired skills ^___^ 
Petrina thought since I got a boyfriend my knitting frenzy would taper off… WRONG! I have been knitting pretty much every day (if not every other day) since getting into my current relationship. He likes the fact I’m so crafty (especially since he has and will continue to benefit from my obsession haha). 
Actually, I have him to thank for my learning both stranded knitting and DK. I started a scarf for him using the method (I have to finish it, so I won’t be showing that off until it’s done… sorry Adam XD), and I attempted a hat that came out wayyy too small, so I frogged it.
It came out great, though.
And thus another obsession was born…
As a person, I go through phrases of manic obsession with things, and then I jump like a flea in a kennel to other things, and other things… it’s the reason I am so well rounded knit-wise I think. I never forget what I learn, since I’ll spend weeks doing one skill set or set of things. 
Yayyyy me! 😀
Of course, you had to know there would be pictures right? I am a show-offy hoar. There will be many pictures:
Jeck Socks # 1
Jeck #2
Just a simple ass hat knit with Noro Kureyon sock…. modeled by my bf. I’m just showing him off, really XD
My first stranded knitting attempt. Not too shabby, right? 😛
Made this for Adam. Looks awesome right?? It came out too long for him though 😦
I used one of the fair isle charts from the first failed attempt hat above to do this one. It came out so awesomely ❤

And yes, I did all of these in the time since I last posted… with another 5 or 6 projects in between XD

I hope you appreciate all the pictures… Blogger’s back end was being really cunty and I was frustrated trying to make them line up 2×2. Fuck it, I gave up.

I’ve done more projects than these… but these pertain to shit I wanted to get done this year, so I didn’t wanna pic SPAM too much XD. If you’re on Ravelry, you can check out my WIPs, FO, and my semi-massive stash! My username is (surprise) DeelishDiscordia 🙂

I have one more RROU  for you before we get back to our regularly scheduled blah blah blah 😛

2 thoughts on “RROU #2: Expanding My Knitting Repertoire

  1. iggystar says:

    Oh, so your new Boo didn't stop your from knitting, but he must have distracted you from blogging! Get it girl!

    I NEED to figure out how to DK because that Space Invaders-themed knitting needs to be made by me, for me, now. Very nice work.

    I get all obsessed with stuff too, I crocheted a hat for the kidlet and my brother, so I'm all about the hook. Then I found a nail polish group on Rav and I'm going polish crazy!


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