My Knitolutions 2012

My friend Petrina coined the word, I think XD

We belong to a local knitting group that meets up every third Saturday. Miss Trina (our founder) is uuber organized, and keeps us whelps in line. She sends out email reminders, facilitates extra activities (Rhinebeck!!!), and occasionally sends out miscellaneous knitty-related information and such.

This week, she sent us an email asking what our knitting ambitions were for the year.

Umm, so full of WIN!!

I decided to share them as a blog post because… why the fuck not? XD
My knitolutions are as follows:
  • Knit at least one lace shawl
  • Knit a project with beads I bought the beads and tiny ass crochet hook already. Even have a pattern picked out
  • Learn how to read lace knitting charts I can read Colorwork charts, but they’re different
  • Do more advanced Colorwork working on this now
  • Make at least one sweater this year have the yarn and pattern
  • Make at least 6 pairs of socks started a pair already lol
  • Use up my worsted/chunky yarn stash making room for more sock yarn! hehe
  • Finish at least two projects a month, or 24 total for the year
  • Replace inferior accouterments With better ones purchased a set of Knitter’s Pride Dreamz needles so far [will do a review of these soon!!]. Need to get the chunky set to complete it. I need a new swift and winder, and a full set of DPNs
  • Crochet more I only really use crochet for making toys and I haven’t been doing it as much as I used to
  • Make an Afghan or blanket with all the crappy red heart I still guiltily hoard. Too damned selfish to give it away, and I wouldn’t suffer anyone I know to make them anything from it XD
I plan on tagging related projects with “Knitolution2012” both here and on Ravelry so y’all can track my progress 😀

Thanks for the love <3

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