You’re Really Selling This Shit? #1

(Ravelry link above and more ahead… if you don’t have an account and you knit/crochet… you need one, like yesterday. Awesome site!! You’ll see why in a bit…)

I don’t wanna stir the pot too much, so I used this pic of tea and cookies in lieu of the pattern’s FO. Mmm.
I saw this pattern as an ad in my Ravelry Notebook. I though, oh it looks cute, I’m gonna check it out. Looks cute…. WTF $2??? O__o 
No no no.
It is simply reverse stockinette (purl all rows in the round or RS p, WS k flat) stripes with 2×2 ribbing at the wrist and top. Nothing remotely difficult, or out of the ordinary about this pattern that warrants the $2 price tag. 
Want a comparable pattern? It took me all of one minute using Ravelry’s advanced search function to find 47 free striped fingerless mitt patterns using DK or worsted yarn (really! You’re welcome). This pattern looks the most similar…but really, you can choose any one and just do reverse st st and change colors every two rows and add ribbing to the cuff, top, and the thumbs.
Voila! I just saved you $2.
Happy Knitting 🙂
*pops some popcorn and waits for angry “designers” to flood her comments*

Thanks for the love <3

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