Blocked, Beginning, and Frogging

I blocked the shawl.

It’s 24” at center and the wingspan is roughly 52”.

It grew a bit and really opened up the lace. I had to soak it in hair conditioner, then rinse it out with Soak. It’s not Malabrigo soft, but there is a marked improvement on texture. I am wearing it as I type this actually XD

I started a colorwork hat (this pattern), and I am debating frogging and restarting my mitten—my gauge has changed with the aid of the yarn guide, and I don’t want the second mitten to be a different size :/

Progress so far:

I’m actually a little farther than this… I think I have ~25 rows to finish…. but I want to use one of the snazzy new yarn guides I bought. They make colorwork knitting go exponentially faster. I made a makeshift one out of jewelry wire and it worked, mostly 😛
I’m a genius, I know.
But it totally threw off my established tension and gauge….and since the wire is so bendy, it caused all sorts of problems, hence me buying some real ones to help me out. I got a Norwegian wire one, and a plastic one with four channels for yarn (a knock off of the Clover one XD). A fellow G+er posted a really helpful video for the plastic one:
This method works best for continental knitters.
I guess I will just look the other way while I frog. It took me two weeks to get this far and will only take a few minutes to undo T___T 
Also, I think I may just give them to my sister for her birthday. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish a sweater in two weeks, even for a skinny bitch like her. I have lots of Knit Picks Palette and another ball of Mini Mochi, so I can always make myself a pair. Or just make myself the matching hat. Hmm….


Thanks for the love <3

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